Leaked Microsoft Xbox 720 roadmap – 6x powerful, Cloud gaming, Kinect 2 and AR glasses

June 17, 2012

Leaked Microsoft Xbox 720 roadmap – 6x powerful, Cloud gaming, Kinect 2, and AR glassesA shocking 56 page document has surfaced that looks to be a genuine Microsoft strategy deck outlining the road map for the next Xbox console. The authenticity has not been confirmed but there are signs that indicate that this document may be the real deal.

The Xbox strategy document labeled “720 9/24” surfaced on Scribd.com (alt source) which hosts a variety of different documents from many other companies. One user on NeoGAF discovered the Xbox strategy document which maps Microsoft’s plans out to 2015, which include the next Xbox console specs and even plans to acquire OnLive to stream games beyond 2015.

Microsoft’s law firm, Covington & Burling issued a take down notice to Scribd.com only a day after the document surfaced across the Web.


The document is quite fascinating as it provides an inside look into Microsoft’s internal goals for the Xbox console. The current trajectory also ties in nicely with the road map outlined in the document. For example, while the document is dated from 2010, it accurately predicts Smartglass and Metro Dashboard which all occurred by 2012 as outlined in the roadmap.



Xbox 720 Specs

Apparently the Xbox 720 will also support Blu-ray, movies in 1080p and 3D movie playback – which is all available on the PS3 today. The Xbox 720 will be six times more powerful than the Xbox 360, sporting eight ARM or x86 cores, with 4GB of DDR4 memory and three PPC cores for backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games and will retail at $299.



Kinect 2

Kinect v2 will also be more accurate, will come in two stationary cameras for stereo tracking, better voice recognition and will be able to track four separate players. It also appears that Microsoft wants to sell ‘props’ like toy baseball bats and golf clubs that provide haptic feedback-an admission that gamers need something in their hands (i.e. PS3 Move)?

Project Fortaleza AR Glasses

The biggest reveal is Microsoft’s Project Fortaleza, which looks awfully like Google’s Project Glass that can overlay images onto the glasses. The tech will be made possible over Wifi or connecting to the iphone to generate the images to the glasses. Microsoft dates the tech being ready by 2014.


Media Center

The biggest chunk of the deck is around Microsoft’s grand ambition to go up against Apple TV and Google TV to own the multimedia space in the living room. The Xbox 720 will be designed to be always on, act as a DVR, so you can record shows realtime and playback in any room. The deck lists some of the TV show partners Microsoft recently announced at E3.


Talk about corporate espionage, the folks over at Sony, Apple, Google and Nintendo are probably having a field day with this.

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