Microsoft confirms Forza Horizon Season Pass for $50

September 26, 2012

Microsoft confirms Forza Horizon Season Pass for $50 After months of speculation, Microsoft has finally confirmed that Forza Horizon will have a season pass. The publisher will offer sets of car packs over the course of next year to those that sign up for the season pass.

According to Microsoft, new developer, Playground Game’s and Turn10’s Forza Horizon will offer a $50 season pass or only 4,000 Microsoft Points, which will grant players access to more cars as they are released next year.

Players will also gain access to the Expansion pack set to arrive in December. There will also be six car packs released gradually throughout next year. Season pass subscribers will receive five exclusive vehicles and some launch day rides.

According to Turn10, the Season Pass will represent a 17 percent savings, with it being available for purchase October 23.

Frankly, the mere mention of DLC in the same sentence with Forza has me shuddering with flashbacks of angry gamers complaining about broken promises of free monthly vehicles with Forza 3.

It’s a safe bet that with money involved this time around, the studio will be making sure those vehicles will be delivered on a regular basis.

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21 Responses to “Microsoft confirms Forza Horizon Season Pass for $50”

  1. Roca.:

    LMAO another classic Hitler youtube video

  2. CarlB:

    lol. I’ve been using google maps on iOS 6 since it was released… yep, works fine. *checks again… yep, still works fine.

  3. dans:

  4. oldschool1987:

    This makes me laugh.

    So what will Xbots say when they used to say PS3 doesn’t have the complete version? Lol

  5. phranctoast:

    “So what will Xbots say when they used to say PS3 doesn’t have the complete version? Lol”

    Play our left overs or some similar shit. They’re never happy a well rated game is played more. Just butt hurt they lost an exclusive.

  6. Roca.:

    IGN: “Why Does the 360 Lose Exclusives?”

  7. CarlB:

    Progress. People have gotten the point of thinking a virtual comic book is just as good or even better than ME1 the game. Lol
    I’m glad more people will have the opportunity to play it now, even though it took awhile.

  8. CarlB:

  9. phranctoast:

    Speaking of Netflix. They just put up the 7th season of Supernatural, and the second season of Nikita up.

  10. Roca.:

    Mass Effect 3 ending was great! 8)

  11. twilight:

    it must really suck to be a Xbox360 owner only. Sony owners are actually getting games and discounts off real games while Xbox360 users get nothing but the privilege of paying to get access to online stuff that is free on other systems.

  12. Godless:


    Off topic, but:

    Who was it slagging of Bing not long ago, as being redundant.

    MS haters. .gonna hate I guess

  13. Godless:

    forgot the Dammed link

  14. phranctoast:

    Mine was a draw.

  15. Roca.:


    don’t believe everything Microsoft says. They’re good at marketing their inferior products but there is a reason why users choose Google over Microsoft.

    In fact, you know Bing is a failure when Internet Explorer has a 50% percent global browser market share…so since IE comes with Bing as the default search engine and Bing has a global market share of 4% (LMAO) we know users go out of their way to set the default search engine to Google.

    it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

    The “Bing it on” challenge is another attempt from MS to copy Google search results (and it doesn’t even include Google’s knowledge Graph, which is a game changer)

    Business Insider: “Yes, Bing Has Been Copying Google Search Results FOR YEARS”


  16. oldschool1987:

    I think it’s funny that Sony now have the difinitive Mass Effect experience. ME1, ME2 that runs off the ME3 engine including all dlc and interactive comic and ME3.

  17. phranctoast:

    wow Roca. Can’t believe MS hasn’t gotten their asses sued off for this.

  18. Godless:


    You can’t sue for the concept of a search engine. The way bing searches for data, is similar but not the same a google, so the results obtained are going to be similar, just as they are with yahoo.

  19. CarlB:

    “You can’t sue for the concept of a search engine.”

    Perhaps not the concept, but it certainly sounds like they have a case if MS utilized other search engines user data and algorithms for their own search engine.
    People also thought you couldn’t sue for rounded edges on rectangles.

  20. Roca.:

    ^ Good point Carl…

    maybe the reason why Google hasn’t sue MS is because Bing is not a threat to their search business (Google execs must be laughing at the 4% market share and the fact Bing has lost close to 4-6 billion over the last 5 years)

    The patent system is flawed…idk who’s giving out most of this ‘bogus’ pantents

    This one is my favorite: “Method of swinging on a swing ”

    Patent number: 6368227
    Filing date: Nov 17, 2000
    Issue date: Apr 9, 2002

    “A method of swing on a swing is disclosed, in which a user positioned on a standard swing suspended by two chains from a substantially horizontal tree branch induces side to side motion by pulling alternately on one chain and then the other”

    and it gets better (in the description section):

    “Lastly, it should be noted that because pulling alternately on one chain and then the other resembles in some measure the movements one would use to swing from vines in a dense jungle forest, the swinging method of the present invention may be referred to by the present inventor and his sister as “Tarzan” swinging. The user may even choose to produce a Tarzan-type yell while swinging in the manner described, which more accurately replicates swinging on vines in a dense jungle forest. Actual jungle forestry is not required”

  21. Roca.:

    link for the patent:

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