Nintendo’s Wii U: Status Report

November 19, 2012

Nintendo-s Wii U,  Status ReportNintendo wrapped up its Wii U launch day yesterday and despite everything, it appeared to have been fairly successful from the retail front with a good portion of its initial shipment depleted. The software purchase ratio for third party studio games has also been reported to be high by GameStop.

However, Nintendo did face some launch day challenges as many who waited in line to pick up a unit were disappointed to discover that a 5GB mandatory firmware update was waiting for them after arriving home. Apparently, this update will allow online access, visit the Miiverse and transfer saves from your original Wii unit.

Many gamers are angry over this massive day 1 update as its taking them hours to complete the download depending on the Internet connection.  On top of that, it turns out that shutting off your console during mid-update could potentially brick your system. In addition, Zombie U seems to be loosing favor with the gaming crowd.

On the bright side, Nintendo launched the Wii U shop with a host of different games. Games such as Assassin’s Creed III, New Super Marion Bros, and other full retail game are all currently available over the eShop.

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23 Responses to “Nintendo’s Wii U: Status Report”

  1. Andrew_DS:

    5GB! Really. 5GB. That’s fubared. I couldn’t do that with my prehistoric 1mb connection. And thats with a favourable tail wind, living downhill from the telephone exchange and unpluggin every telephone in the house!

  2. phranctoast:

    Sucks about zombie U. It looked like it has potential.

    Have they said anything about increasing the amount of controllers allowed to be used? I could see the benefit of local mp madden where your play calling isn’t displayed on the screen for your opponent could see.

    5GB is a pretty massive update. Sucks for people without online that wanted wii game functionality on their wii u.

    Other than that, all the other things enabled appear online only anyway.

  3. Godless:

    LMAO 5GB
    That’s almost as bad as the updates for a PS3 game on first launch :D

    Truth is that it wouldn’t be such a big deal, if it were not for the potential bricking thing? though I’m not sure how much truth is behind that.

  4. Roca.:

    “That’s almost as bad as the updates for a PS3 game on first launch”

    but not as bad as having your console RRoD’d on you during the first half of this generation…Ask Kushy, he’s gone through 6 of them :D

  5. phranctoast:

    I don’t recall 5GB updates on any PS3 games at first launch.

    Day 1 patches now seem to be the norm nowadays, and Sony isn’t the only offender there.

  6. Godless:


    I’m thinking GT5 could be pretty dammed close to this now ;) certainly well over 3GB

    Anyway. .I’m not bothered by any updates, so long as they improve what the console does. 5Gb would only take a couple of hours on my connection so long as it didn’t have the PSN syndrome, whereby things seam to take 3 times as long as they should to download ;)

  7. Roca.:

    I feel sorry for those Wii U (8GB) owners out there..

  8. Roca.:

    Q. Can I Log Into My Nintendo Network Account on a Different Console?
    A: No, you cannot. A Nintendo Network Account can only be used on the console where it was created. In the future, you will be able to use your Nintendo Network Account with future Nintendo consoles and other devices, such as PC’s.

    Battery Life: About three hours.
    Charge Time: Two hours, 30 minutes.

  9. phranctoast:

    I’m already hearing the update is less than 2GB.

    Compiles list of Wii U issues

  10. phranctoast:

    “I’m thinking GT5 could be pretty dammed close to this now”

    Ok. But not at the games launch.

  11. dans:

    “I’m thinking GT5 could be pretty dammed close to this now”

    GT5 is sitting at 11GB on my PS3… LOL

  12. phranctoast:

    So they added so much more to GT5 that it deserves to be complained about?

    or are you talking about GT5 optional install of 8GB?

  13. ncaissie:

    I would rather face a 5GB update then a dead Xbox every 2 months.

  14. phranctoast:

    ME3, Ninja Gaiden, Batman, Epic Mikey and Blops2 having technical difficulties on Wii U.

  15. twilight:

    By the way, you may already know but Best Buy is having some great sales on blu ray. They have buy one blu ray movie for $14.99 and get one free as well as 3d blu rays blu rays for $14.99. Like you said, there are always sales on blu rays.
    I can’t remember what the feedback on Prometheus was. Is this movie any good? It’s on sale as well.

  16. Roca.:

    Thanks Twilight.
    I’ll check it out.

    I just returned the BD version Spartacus Vengeance, which I bought last week on Amazon for $24 and repurchase it today for $16.99 (72% off)

  17. dans:

    “or are you talking about GT5 optional install of 8GB?”

    I think it’s a combination of the initial install plus added extras over the past couple years. Definitely not complaining though, the more patches/improvements the better IMO.

  18. phranctoast:

    ” Definitely not complaining though”

    That was more in reference to godless :)

  19. dans:

  20. Godless:

  21. CarlB:

    …not up to snuff w/Smash Bros.?

  22. phranctoast:

    “…not up to snuff w/Smash Bros.?”

    Clone games usually aren’t. Even when some things outweigh what the original does in certain ways they barely get recognized.

    Look at Dante’s Inferno for instance. I can name several ways that it’s better than the God of War 3, even if GOW3 at it’s core is still a better game.

    They rarely get the credit they deserve.

  23. CarlB:

    “They rarely get the credit they deserve.”

    Seems as though in this case it did… for being a “clone game” that isn’t good as the source overall, yet still getting generally favorable reviews overall.

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