Bloomberg: sources confirm Microsoft planning 720 launch holiday 2013

December 1, 2012

Bloomberg: sources confirm Microsoft planning 720 launch holiday 2013Its no secret that Microsoft is working on the next Xbox console covertly at its Redmond offices. According to reports, Microsoft is planning on launching the Xbox 720 holiday next year.

According to Bloomberg, sources close to the matter have confirmed that Microsoft is planning on releasing its next gen Xbox console in time for the holiday season. The device will be on sale during Thanksgiving and Christmas but it is not clear when Microsoft will make the announcement. Sources reveal Microsoft is contemplating between an E3 announcement and a separate event dedicated to the console.

Earlier this year there were rumors that Microsoft was facing manufacturing problems with the chip that would power the next Xbox console. The next Xbox is speculated to have Kinect 2.0, which is suppose to be two cameras, Blu-ray disc drive and TV output/input so that it can be used as a DVR-like device.

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49 Responses to “Bloomberg: sources confirm Microsoft planning 720 launch holiday 2013”

  1. Kushy:

    Not much here that has not already been reported! Not much longer and the rumors will replaced by some facts! :) Can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves! :)

  2. twilight:

    Microsoft does a good job with software. The thing that Microsoft needs to do is focus on creating hardware that doesn’t fail.

  3. phranctoast:

    There’s a lot of rumor muck in the link i posted about in the other thread.

  4. CarlB:

    Next year’s E3 should be a good one (with plenty of leaks beforehand).

  5. phranctoast:

    MS typically announces before hand. Last time it was on MTV.

  6. CarlB:

  7. twilight:

    I know there are always some people who are not ready for new systems but I am ready for the next generation to begin.

  8. CarlB:

    For some kids today, this will be their first game system:

  9. MAK:


    “Microsoft does a good job with software. The thing that Microsoft needs to do is focus on creating hardware that doesn’t fail.”

    Umm, maybe because Microsoft(ware) is a software company and not a hardware company?
    And their only talent is stealing others ideas and making their own version of it.

  10. CarlB:

    “making their own (more profitable) version of it (which does less at a higher cost)” …and marketing it successfully everywhere but Japan. If I could have only one console, it would be PS3. If that wasn’t an option, I’d rather have a 360 than a WiiU/Wii.

  11. MAK:


    Yeah, you’re right.
    I’d rather have a 360 for sure. The Wii has nothing to offer for me. All their star games (Zelda, Mario) should be left untouched on the past consoles. And I’m not a fan of the motion controllers, or a tablet as a controller.

    But if 360 was my only system, I bet I wouldn’t be as nearly as big as a gamer & movie junkie as I am now.

  12. dans:

    What’s your PSN ID, MAK?

  13. harry sachz:

    My big concern is price. Over here, the PS3 was $1000 and the 360 was $700 at launch. I hope they’re not going to be this expensive this time around, but I am sure they probably will be.

  14. MAK:

    Dans, I already have you on my friends list.


  15. dans:


    Oh I hadn’t realised that that was you. It’s kind of weird though… I usually have my friends list sorted by ‘name’, and your name doesn’t appear on it. However, when I sort by ‘status’ you appear near the very bottom (after a person that was last signed in 15 months ago). Plus your profile doesn’t load, it just stays on the spinning loading icon. Strange…

  16. Roca.:

    I want to hear more about the next-gen launch titles/exclusives

  17. Roca.:

    Keep the Internet free and open:


    “There is a growing backlash on Internet freedom. Forty-two countries filter and censor content. In just the last two years, governments have enacted 19 new laws threatening online free expression.

    Some of these governments are trying to use a closed-door meeting in December to regulate the Internet. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is bringing together regulators from around the world to re-negotiate a decades-old communications treaty.

    Proposed changes to the treaty could increase censorship and threaten innovation.
    Some proposals could permit governments to censor legitimate speech — or even allow them to cut off Internet access.

    Other proposals would require services like YouTube, Facebook, and Skype to pay new tolls in order to reach people across borders. This could limit access to information — particularly in emerging markets”

  18. dans:


    One of the last videos out of Syria before internet shut off (NSFW):

    This is a pretty hard-hitting video of the situation out there.

  19. ncaissie:

    Hey guys/gals

    I’m having trouble deciding. I’m trying to save money.
    Should I get a new PSN + sub or farcry 3?
    Hmm frigin wasn’t expecting such a great looking game. Early trailers didn’t look so hot but now!
    This game looks so sweet I don’t know if I can wait.
    But then again the vita PSN plus is a must right now.
    Maybe I’ll tell the kids to get it for me for Xmas instead of rock smith. Or wait till jan or feb.
    does anyone know if it has the edit maps mode? Best thing about farcry 1 was the maps people built for MP. They blew away the ingame maps.

  20. CarlB:

    PSN+ sub.

  21. Roca.:


    what about that video?

  22. dans:

    “what about that video?”

    Did you watch it?

  23. Godless:

    Roca. . Are mental?

    Truly shocking stuff.. . Not ok at all.

  24. twilight:

    You can’t go wrong either way. It just depends on how much suff you want from Psn plus. If you really want the games offerred on Psn Plus, then I would go with the Psn Plus. Otherwise, I would just get Far Cry 3 and wait on Psn Plus.

  25. ncaissie:

    That video is sad and disgusting. The people doing that shit need to be killed. And it’s happening on both sides. They are both wrong for blowing kids up.

  26. Godless:

    Cassie dude

    No one else needs to “be killed”, these people need to stop killing each other, or it will never end.

    If these people would start treating each other a human beings by putting aside the religious differences, and past atrocities, then maybe they can move forward to a future that will see no more people dying while they try resolve the complex issues that underlie this whole regions problems..

    This is tragic, I feel so sad for those that have lost their loved ones in these barbaric exchanges.

  27. ncaissie:

    The assholes shooting the rockets do need to be killed.
    Im all for capital punishment and wish they wold bring it back to Canada. I would pull the switch myself.
    Not just murders either, rapists and child molesters also.

  28. ncaissie:

    Also religion was created by man to control other men.
    It’s all hokum.

  29. Roca.:

    what is the video about? I can’t access Youtube from work.

  30. ncaissie:

    It’s very disturbing footage of body’s and kids alive with the top of their heads blown off.

  31. dans:


    “The video was taken in Aleppo, where the Syrian opposition and the Syrian government are fighting for control. This is from a rebel held neighborhood. . . . the Syrian government has been shelling and bombing rebel held neighborhoods indiscriminately. Of course, its not entirely one-sided as the rebels themselves have been accused of using car bombs in civilian areas controlled by the government. Nonetheless, this particular video definitely highlights how civilians are caught up in this horrible conflict.”

  32. CarlB:

    “Truly shocking stuff.. . Not ok at all.”

    This is what you and civilians of developed countries in general have been sheltered from, news and media sanitized.

    It’s not pretty.
    Welcome to the real world.

  33. Roca.:

    “This is what you and civilians of developed countries in general have been sheltered from, news and media sanitized.”

    Agreed :D

  34. ncaissie:


    That’s fine. I don’t want my kids to see this kind of thing in the news. They are to young to even know this is happening.
    Though they probably do. Kids talk at school. I just want them to enjoy their childhood and we get them to do things like donate to toy mountain and children’s hospitals.
    Beyond that they don’t need to know.

  35. CarlB:

    No one desires their children to witness, let alone endure, such horrors.
    Be it enough the parents witness them and be truly grateful for the comforts their family enjoys, bought dearly with the lives of rough men who stood ready to pay the ultimate price.
    Know, and be ready to pass on that knowledge when the time is right.

  36. ncaissie:

  37. ncaissie:

    Not that I don’t think something done about it but I don’t want my kids dying because jackasses take their religion to seriously.
    It’s ok to have faith but to use it as an excuse for repression is wrong and those people that believe that strongly should be locked up for life.

  38. D3 GOLD:

    While the other characters have in many ways both spend and regenerate their resources, the wizard passes just its arcane power to create massive effects dealing damage in creative ways. Whether you’re summoning a Hydra to breathe fire on your enemies or by calling a missile to decimate your enemies, the wizard is all about major adverse effects. Do not worry if the wizard can be a sneaky guy too much, with spells as Teleport, Slow Time, and Mirror Image, where your wizard can move battlefield fight where and when it wants to. During your first 10-15 level that you do not have too much to work, but your basic spells are also useful. Use a magical shot, and arcane ORB once that unlock you it.

  39. Roca.:

    ^ what are you talking about D3 Gold?

  40. CarlB:

    D3G? All I’ve seen is that he(/she) spams diablo strategy. For some unknown reason.

  41. harry sachz:

    Does anyone else have that Playstation All Stars game? I got it yesterday and thought it was pretty shitty. Glad I didn’t pay full price for it.

  42. phranctoast:

    “Does anyone else have that Playstation All Stars game? I got it yesterday and thought it was pretty shitty. Glad I didn’t pay full price for it.”

    Not really liking the genre or the extended genre. I gave up on fighting games a while back when a grew up out of the couch competition, and never really felt like taking it online.

    On top of that..Mascot fighting…… From the descriptions, it sounds like a solid fighter, I just couldn’t be bothered with.

  43. twilight:

    All Stars is really not my type of game so I wasn’t interested in getting this game.

  44. Roca.:

    This was the worst holiday season for PS3 users (exclusives wise)…

    Sony didn’t release any AAA title and the only titles they release were new IP targetting the casual market (LBP Karting, Wonderbooks, PS Allstars)

    I would been a much better holiday season for us if God of War and/or The Last of Us (or Infamous 3 ;) ) were to be released around this time.

  45. phranctoast:

    “This was the worst holiday season for PS3 users (exclusives wise)…”

    I hear ya. It feels like what every other year has to feel like to 360 users.

  46. oldschool1987:

    “I’m having trouble deciding. I’m trying to save money.
    Should I get a new PSN + sub or farcry 3?”

    Plus. You’ll probably get Far Cry 3 on there soon anyway.

  47. ncaissie:

    I got my sub. I’ll buy FC3 in feb or march.

  48. CarlB:

    “I gave up on fighting games a while back when I grew up out of the couch competition, and never really felt like taking it online.”

    lol… nice one.

  49. phranctoast:

    Yeah. The Sub will be there for $50 with no price drop while FC3 will drop.

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