PlayStation Store Update: Darksiders free on PSN Plus, Devil May Cry Day 1 download and more

January 15, 2013

Its that time of the week again as Sony rolls out the weekly updates. Typically we don’t really get into the weekly updates, but this week is looking quite stellar with a top notch free title added to the Instant Game Collection along with a brand new major release in the Day One downloads section.

This week Sony has added Darksiders to the Instant Game Collection, a game which many may have overlooked that was critically well received. The game definitely has the Zelda formula down with a dash of the apocalypse.

Sony is continuing to lead the charge again with digital distribution by bringing DMC – Devil May Cry on the PSN store as part of its Day 1 Digital Download collection.  For those that preordered the game will receive the exclusive costume pack.

Other games are available for pre-order for Day 1 Digital download such as Metro: Last Light and Dead Space 3. Exclusive to PSN, those that pre-order Metro: Last Light will also receive a free digital copy of Homefront for free.

The PS2 classics available this week are actually quite good with Siren and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Siren is one of my top horror games of all time. The game introduced a unique concept of sight jacking, where through a fuzzy first person view from any zombie nearby you can study their patrol patterns in hopes of escaping.

Find out more about Siren here as Takafumi Fujisawa, former executive producer of Japan Studio talks about developing this haunting game.

Gran Turismo 5 fans will be in for a treat as Polyphony Digital is releasing the 2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype for free as a DLC add-on.

Gran Turismo 5
  • 2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype (Free) – This DLC adds the 2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype ’13 to ‘Gran Turismo 5?. In January 2013, the final prototype of the next generation Corvette was unveiled on the eve of the Detroit International Motor Show. With this car you can share in on the excitement of development engineers, until its actual production starts in the latter half of 2014.

Head on over the PlayStation blog for the full list.

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14 Responses to “PlayStation Store Update: Darksiders free on PSN Plus, Devil May Cry Day 1 download and more”

  1. phranctoast:

    Downloaded Darksiders. Was looking forward to playing this game for some time now but never got around to buying it due to my enormous back catalog…

  2. oldschool1987:

    What free games do you get on Gold?

  3. oldschool1987:

    What free games do you get on Gold? Which is more expensive than Plus.

  4. phranctoast:

    If I remember correctly, Gold has this amazing power of unlocking 50% if the games you buy ;)

  5. ncaissie:

    LMAO yeah I have wanted to play this game since the demo.
    It was labeled a GOW clone and that can only be a good thing.

  6. ncaissie:

    Hey, any nerds here? Guess who’s coming to Ottawa Comiccon!
    Adam West and a Couple of guys from Big Bang Theory.
    I can’t frigin wait! I’m going to dress up this year. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking Joker from the Adam west batman show. Probably going to be many of those though.

  7. phranctoast:

    I played the demo they released and it was over an hour long, and it had more of a Zelda feel than a GOW feel.

  8. phranctoast:

    “. Anyone have any suggestions? ”

    A giant douche or a turd sandwich ;)

  9. MAK:

    I dont see what the big deal is about any of this:

    Darksiders is an old washed up game that the US got for free, while EU is getting mother fuckin Arkam City, RDR, Deus Ex, etc for free. YEAH, we are sooo lucky to have this specific game added to the Instant Game Collection :) )))
    And we all know the EU will get this game too, if they dont have it already.
    Aside from that, I thought Darksiders was garbage when i played the demo years ago. But dont worry, since i have the actual game, i will give it a 2nd chance. okay? :)

    Who cares if DMC was a Day 1 DD?? Theyre planning to do that with every game they can.

    Siren? Itd be cool if they did an HD remake.
    Oh hell, itd be cool if they did that to any of the PS2 classics they release.

    GT5 Corvette: Yeah, its nice for about 2 minutes. You cant customize it at all! Cant change the engine, transmission, filters, brakes, weight, rims, spoilers…you cant even change the COLOR. WTF.
    All you change is the oil, and tires….wowww

    Other than that, I thought this store update was excellent! 5/5 Stars.
    I even had a party and brought the champagne out as a toast to this wonderful PS Store update AND to the wonderful writers here on the Blorge staff, who we are so thankful for, for dedicating an entire artcle on it. <3

  10. CarlB:

    I enjoyed playing through Darksiders on 360 when it came out… enough to replay it again on PS3 and then check out Darksiders 2.

  11. ncaissie:

    Sour grapes? Wtf? LOL

  12. phranctoast:

    I’m also jealous of the selection EU gets in comparison.

    Although I’m sure there’s a few situations where they’re jealous of NA.

    but a brand new title (Guardians of Middle Earth)……

  13. dans:

    Yeah, EU got Darksiders ages ago. :D

  14. phranctoast:

    I would have also liked to get Motorstorm Apocalypse.

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