Capcom shows Deep Down running off PS4, Witcher 3 confirmed for PS4

February 21, 2013

Capcom shows off Deep Down running off PS4, Witcher 3 confirmed for PS4During Sony’s PS4 press event, the publisher showed off its next gen game Deep Down (working title) running on its new engine called Panta Rhei (codename). The game looks beautiful showing off dungeons that would put any PC crawler to shame.

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono, the man behind the Street Fighter series took stage yesterday to show off its brand new engine, Panta Rhei. According to Ono, the new engine is the successor to the MT Framework, which is used across Resident Evil 5, 6 and Street Fighter.

According to Ono, the footage shows the game running off Panta Rhei on the PS4. There is a rumor that ‘Deep Down’ is the code name for Dragon’s Dogma, and that this would be the next gen sequel. Considering the apparent focus on Dragons in the demo, its not a stretch to believe that the game could fall in the Dogma universe.


On the heel of the PS4 event, CD Projekt RED took the opportunity to announce The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, an open world RPG for the PS4. In a press release sent out, the studio revealed that Sony contacted them several months ago to grant early access to the PS4.

We were thrilled when asked, several months ago, to be one of the developers who were granted early access to the PlayStation 4. It was an exciting moment to be invited to be in the company of other legendary developers like Bethesda, EA, LucasArts, Ubisoft or Activision as one of the teams working on titles shipping early in the PlayStation 4′s lifecycle.

This will be the first time the studio will be releasing a game for a PlayStation platform as The Witcher 2 was exclusive to the Xbox 360. According to the studio while the game is part of The Witcher trilogy, the story is standalone so it can be enjoyed by all.

The game is set to release sometime in 2014.

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14 Responses to “Capcom shows Deep Down running off PS4, Witcher 3 confirmed for PS4”

  1. CarlB:

    Maybe they can work out deal for the Witcher trilogy being published on PS4 as they did w/Mass Effect on PS3.

    The other confirmed PS4 games so far:

    Destiny - Bungie – TBA
    Diablo III – Blizzard Entertainment – TBA
    DriveClub – Evolution Studios – TBA
    Final Fantasy (PS4) – Square Enix – TBA
    Infamous: Second Son – Sucker Punch – TBA
    Killzone: Shadow Fall – Guerrilla Games – TBA
    Knack – Studios Japan – TBA
    Watch Dogs – UbiSoft Montreal – TBA
    The Witness – Thekla, Inc – TBA

  2. FahKinSuPah:

    Witcher 3 is most likely going to be published on PC anyway.

    I have 1 on PC and 2 on 360 and I haven’t gotten around to either yet. Then again I haven’t been playing much games over the last month. Just a little Starcraft 2 here and there.

  3. Roca.:

    Another lost console exclusive for Microsoft.

  4. Godless:

    Lets hope it sells better than mass effect 3 did on PS3

    Roca, you know what funny?
    You endlessly go on about the 360s lack of exclusives, yet every month there’s an article on the 3rd party studios going multi-platform.
    Looks like the 360 used to have a shit load of great game all through this gen that the PS3 just didn’t have, or got way too late?

    It’s a fact that for games to make enough money, they really need to be multi platform, or be a strong in-house exclusive.

    This is the the way it’s going. This is why most of the weaker PS3 exclusives have sold so badly. This is why MS is not wasting time & effort on games that will simply sell badly, but is choosing instead to focus on the high end games, and is making a good job of doing so.

    MS has a new exclusive IP coming that should give role-play fans something to be happy about. I’m sure this going multi-plat is not something they will be too worried about.

  5. phranctoast:

    “This is why MS is not wasting time & effort on games that will simply sell badly, but is choosing instead to focus on the high end games, and is making a good job of doing so.”

    And this means ‘what’ to you? Do you get anything out of MS’s success? Is it changing the focus of the majority of their first party studios away from Kinect and back on the core gamer that got them there to begin with?

  6. Godless:


    I didn’t buy an xbox for it exclusives

    I didn’t even like Halo up until Reach, didn’t really get into Gears until Gears 3, and was much more into Grid than Forza

    Fable was the only exclusive I loved from the off, and I don’t think I even knew it was an exclusive, it just happened to be there.

    Phranc I don’t give a rats ass about exclusives, so long as there is a good supply of AAA games, which the xbox has & always will have now.

    I bought an xbox after seeing it in action online at my mates. I was blown away by it, and got one a week later having been convinced by him that the reliability issue was resolved (my first xbox is 5 years old in a months time, so it’s done well enough.It might just last till next gen).

    As for Kinect, I actually like a few of the games, and I have high hopes that as the tech gets better so will the games. I see it having huge potential. So what if it mostly gets used for casual games, that does not affect me as a core games.

    If MS keep
    Forza / Horizon
    Alan wake

    They are also doing Ryse and there are rumours of other new games from Rare in the pipeline.

    But like I already said, Most of my games are 3rd party, on both PS3 & xbox so I’m not overly fussed about them.

  7. ncaissie:

    You say you don’t care. If every game was mp then why chose one over the other? Why buy both? For move or kinect? I don’t think so.
    You keep telling yourself whatever you need to godless. If it helps you sleep at night.

  8. Godless:


    When Sony release a console that can do everything better than an xbox, then I will have no need for an xbox.

    Right now. . .I need my xbox to get the best from most games. . .especially online, simple as that.

  9. phranctoast:


    Good post, but my focus was elsewhere a mostly just zeroed in on what I quoted you on with, and in no way was the crux of you and Rocas conversation about exclusives and what you like or dislike.

    My focus was aimed at establishing MS’s plan on having few exclusives being good for MS but not good for the the end user.

    If exclusives don’t matter to you then fair enough. I think they’re important as they differentiate the consoles from one another while making it important to own a specific console. They also allow developers to cater to the strengths of that console getting the most out of it.

    Ryse will be a next gen game. I called it a while back. Wait for it……

  10. oldschool1987:

    PsN is more stable than Live from my personal experience. And from the looks of it the PS4 will have the best
    And fastest online next gen.

  11. Roca.:

    uhmm, Godless is trying so hard to avoid topics about MS losing (and not having many) exclusives, or the fact that MS is focusing on Kinect now. lmao

    at the end of the day, the facts are this:
    -PS3 outsold the 360 (heat-to-head sales) for the most part of this gen

    -PS3 outsold the 360 in total worldwide sales

    -PS3 had way more and better exclusives

    -Many PS3 exclusives won awards for Best Graphics

    -3 PS3 exclusives won more than 8 awards at DICE, including game of the Year (LBP, Uncharted 2 and Journey)

    -PSN+ destroys XBL Gold.

    -Sony introduced more new IPs than MS

    -the PS3 forced MS to offer better features (wifi, HDMI, bigger HDD, cloud storage, etc)

  12. ncaissie:

    “Right now. . .I need my xbox to get the best from most games. . .especially online, simple as that.”

    HAHAHA Delusional xbot.

  13. greenLanternfan:


    “I didn’t buy an xbox for it’s exclusives”

    Please tell me you’re joking with this.

    It looks like MS has your soul.

  14. Godless:

    ““I didn’t buy an xbox for it’s exclusives”
    Please tell me you’re joking with this.
    It looks like MS has your soul.”

    Why. . ???

    5 years ago, I was a PC gamer, my PC was getting a little long in the tooth, and I was looking to upgrade.

    I had buddies with 360s, and PS3s, and they showed me what the machines could do. . at that time I think the only game I saw on the PS3 I really liked was Motorstorm, and the online stuff was really not good. in fact it was shit, and the PS3 itself was also slow and cluncky to use.
    The 360 stood out as being the best option for me for the following reasons

    1 .It cost almost £200 less than the price of the PS3 and probably £500 less than replacing my gaming rig.
    2. It was fast and easy to get online gaming with buddies
    3. It had a reputation for having better games performance(5 years back)
    4. the games I did see on the 360 impressed me way more than the games I saw on the PS3.
    5. I had 4 buddies with 360s, only 2 with PS3s, and one barely used his as he preferred the 360.
    6. I far prefer the controller, I still remember the first time I used it, and thinking “why the fuck are all controllers not like this”

    I had held back almost 2 years not buying a 360, Not because I couldn’t afford one, but because they had a shocking reputation for reliability.
    I was still pretty much a hard core PC gamer, It was only after the change in SKU, and the 3 year warranty that I felt willing to have a go with one, and I don’t regret getting the 360 first for a second.

    I got a PS3 a year later, but it took another whole year after that before it really started to pull it’s ass into line with what the 360 had.
    the tide only really started turning when we got games like Gods 3, Resistance 2, Uncharted 2

    I had no need for bluray at all, and it’s only really in the last couple of years I have bothered to get bluray movies, now that the cost is not so ridiculously high, and now I only buy the 3D movies.

    What’s your excuse for getting a PS3 early in this gen?

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