PS4 Event – Exclusive Destiny content and Diablo III coming to the PS3 and PS4

February 21, 2013

PS4 Event - Bungie’s Destiny and Diablo III coming to the PS3 and PS4Sony dropped some earth shattering news at its PS4 event when the company brought on stage Blizzard’s Senior VP, Chris Metzen to announce Diablo III for the PS3 and PS4. Another major announcement was made by Bungie as several studio members took stage to unveil some additional footage of Destiny.

Diablo III coming to consoles is massive news let alone that its been confirmed for the PS4 as well. Metzen stated that Blizzard has aligned with Sony to form a ‘strategic partnership’ to which he jokingly added was to take over the world.

Blizzard and Sony have entered into a strategic partnership, through which we will take over the world.

His statement may have some truth to it as Diablo III coming to consoles is big news. The game has sold over 12 million copies on the PC alone. With the game coming to the PS4 and PS3, Blizzard is probably set to shatter some new records.

Metzen did not confirm nor deny if the game will be PlayStation exclusive, but the fact that both companies are partnering on this endeavor may hint at a timed exclusivity. Sony has been known for keeping its platforms open to third party studios such as Valve’s Steam integration with Portals 2

Blizzard will most likely stipulate that Diablo III must use its dedicated servers, which ties heavily into the loot system and in-game economy. The store front is also a critical piece of the game, and with other console makers such as Microsoft strict on external platform integration, I can see some challenges with bringing the game over to the Xbox.

Bungie also took to the stage to unveil that Destiny will be heading to the PS4 and PS3. The studio showed off all new in-engine gameplay never seen before. This was a major win for Sony as Bungie has remained synonymous with the Xbox brand for a decade now.

Not only did Bungie confirm Destiny for the PS3 and PS4, the studio also confirmed that the PlayStation consoles will receive exclusive content not found on any other competing system. As I predicted the other day, that contract between Bungie and Microsoft for timed exclusivity on Xbox is no longer valid.

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11 Responses to “PS4 Event – Exclusive Destiny content and Diablo III coming to the PS3 and PS4”

  1. Roca.:

    Sony have Blizzard and Bungie in its pocket.

    I’m glad I waited on Diablo 3!

  2. FahKinSuPah:


    Why? Whats the point of waiting? I am fairly sure that when Diablo 3 comes out for PS3&4 it will be linked up to the very same servers that the PC version runs off of and im sure you will be able to play cross platform.

    Only reason I waited to get Diablo 3 was because when I played the demo it made my system heat up after 10 minutes so I needed a better cooling solution. I took care of that last month. My old video card coulda used replacing too, but I could still play it, but i replaced that too. Now i’m ready to play Diablo 3, but I will probably be getting Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm first.

    Also i’m gonna put this out there. Blizzard and Sony partnering up means that not only Blizz is gonna put D3 on the PS3, but I bet you we are going to see see World of Warcraft brought over as well. D3 is probably going to be a trial run to see how well they can make the console version match up and connect with the PC version.

  3. me_:

    “I’m glad I waited on Diablo 3!”

    Why????? The only reason to wait is so you can give money to Sony. Ohhhh … sorry Roca, I understand now.

  4. dans:

    Why is nobody talking about some of the share features??

    Being able to watch other people play their games, being able to take over their game and help them, being able to ‘share’ clips of you doing awesome things…

    Those were some of the most exciting revelations for me.

  5. ncaissie:

    I love D3. I’m currently stuck and will need to play MP to get past it but the game is Awesome.

    I can’t wait to play it on the PS3 and PS4!

    @Dans that is one thing I really got excited about also.

  6. FahKinSuPah:


    I’m not sure when exactly im going to get D3 but maybe when I do we can team up.

    I’ve heard a lot of complains and some negative reviews about how a lot of players have been forced to hit the auction house for better equipment to advance.

    Since I have upgraded my pc and am eager to get D3 I might end up getting it in the next 2 weeks, but thats not a given

  7. ncaissie:

    I refuses to pay real money in any game.
    Sure, my account is as always(except with MS) ncaissie.
    I think maybe my cousin Nichole got a 360 before I did LOL.

  8. FahKinSuPah:

    I may forget that between now and when I get the game. Don’t be surprised If I ask again later lol.

    I haven’t seen the D3 AH yet, so I don’t know the specifics of it. If im looking for something in particular and I find it there I might just buy it. Never know. It all depends. But if i feel like I am stuck buying things to advance thats a problem.

  9. ncaissie:

    I’m currently loving LBP on the vita. It makes a way better mobile game then on a console.

  10. Roca.:

    Reasons for me to wait:

    -I prefer couch gaming (console gaming)
    -I’m not game on PC
    -Dualshock 3
    -Play the game with my PSN friends

  11. me_:

    Dualshock 3 for a point and click game.


    Well at least if you’re sitting back on the couch you may not see how bad the graphics are.

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