PS4 to get new menu system instead of XMB, first screenshots

March 2, 2013


PS4 to get new menu system instead of XMB, first screenshotsDuring the PS4 meeting Sony showed a glimpse of the user interface for the next gen console. The company has now released a pack of screenshots revealing more details of the new menu system.

Similarly to the PS Vita, the PS4 will get a new user interface that seamlessly integrates the game menu with the PlayStation Store. There is no more jumping in and out of the XMB to get from one place to another. While I am a fan of the minimalistic concept of XMB menu, it really isn’t user friendly to those who are new to consoles.

The new menu system aims to make ease of access its top priority. For example when it highlighting a game, right below it various information will be shown such as friends who own the game, trophies, new share media (vide/pictures), add-ons and live feeds of someone playing the game.


One of the screenshot shows a Pinterest-like menu filled with notifications of friends that may have beaten your score, sharing a live stream or comments left for you from friends all on one screen. The screen also shows mutual friends that may be playing together in a 4-player co-op.


There is also a screenshot of how live multicasting can be viewed from the iphone and tablet. The ability to let  friends leave comments like a message board on your shared gameplay video or live stream looks like it could be a neat feature. 



I also like the fact that a notification will remain displayed at the top when a game invitation arrives instead of a message that flashes at the top right corner of the screen like on the PS3. It also appears that gamers can gift each other special items from the game to a friend.





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31 Responses to “PS4 to get new menu system instead of XMB, first screenshots”

  1. FahKinSuPah:

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and there is nothing wrong with the XMB so why change it?

    Honestly I hate the new PSN store layout on PS3. It fucking sucks and loads like a slow boat to china.

  2. FahKinSuPah:

    “While I am a fan of the minimalistic concept of XMB menu, it really isn’t user friendly to those who are new to consoles”

    Anyone who can’t figure out the XMB you must be pretty fucking stupid.

  3. phranctoast:

    I also think the XMB is great. I could also understand the necessity to do something different with a new console release. Hopefully some semblance of XMB is retained. It makes sense to keep some semblance, as Sony TV’s and Blu Ray players also have it.

  4. ncaissie:

    I feel 1000% the same Fak.
    The new store sucks ass. This new ps4 screens look like shit.

  5. ncaissie:

    The current vita menu is fine the way it is also.
    The store not so much.

  6. oldschool1987:

    You’re right Fak! We should also have kept the menu from the PS1 for the PS3 as well, right!? Why change? Dude you gotta move with the times, I’m glad its a new interface, if they show another XMB I’d be disapointed. I want something new with a new console, not same old shit only prettier.

    New store is great, loads a LOT faster than the old store. Never have any of that slow down shit anymore where it tried backing out of a page but freezes for ages. The new store was shit for a few weeks, the update has made massive improvements to its speed.

  7. ncaissie:

    Speed means nothing when usability went to shit.

  8. oldschool1987:

    Did it go to shit? Huh, first I’ve heard.

  9. Roca.:

    “Anyone who can’t figure out the XMB you must be pretty fucking stupid”

    Godless’ wife and kids get lost navigating the PS3 XMB lol

  10. MAK:

    I agree with Oldschool when he says that we need to move on and make something new. HOWEVER, this doesnt mean i agree with the new look.

    The new look looks like Windows 8. Its so bloated with shit that you don’t know where to begin to look. The new interface shoves so much information at your face at once. I still think they need to make a few changes first to make it a little more minimalistic, but not too much.
    I like to keep things categorized and simple.

    And the new PS Store is 5 fucking times slower than the old one, are you shitting me???????!!! Hell, its probably 10 times more slower!

  11. phranctoast:

    The store is slow at launch but then that’s it’s. It moves rather fast after the update.

  12. Roca.:

    Windows 8 has many design and UI flaws

  13. MAK:


    I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s laggy as hell. It takes really long to start up, then the images finally appear on the screen in a laggy motion. Then you can finally browse the store. And everytime you click something, the store will respond in a laggy motion. And worst of all, everytime you press Circle, it takes forever to go back through your history of tabs you went through.

    If honestly rather have the very first store back. The 2nd version was BY FAR the fastest store. Everything was instant. It was like a different version of the XMB. But it just wasn’t graphically impressive enough for them, so they had to fuckin change it.


    I love in the video how he says “it doesn’t matter how fast some thing is if you can’t even use it”.

  14. ncaissie:

    I hate the bullshit shopping kart. Way to many clicks to get one PSN+ game. Wtf? Then they took the store out of the OS and made it an app? I can see why they want the space but they screwed the store just like Apple did with the iOS store.

  15. ncaissie:

    I want 20 icons not one big panel and three small ones? Who’s fucking stupid idea was that?

  16. dans:

  17. dans:

    I agree with MAK. The store is really really laggy.

  18. phranctoast:

    Maybe I have a significantly better connection than you two. Mine is not laggy at all. Slow to start, but that’s where the speed issues end.

  19. MAK:


    Have you noticed that they removed the option to “Add to Cart” on the PS+ content? You have to press Download on every damn PS+ game, instead of doing it all at once when everything is in the cart.

    And they really did screw the apple store. I cant even download my Beatles collection because it freezes and closes the store since there are too many songs to load.

    And i really miss the option to change the amount of content you saw on the screen on the PS Store.


    Welp, i guess youre just one lucky son of a bitch, phrancly.
    I have a 12mbps connection. Its not THE BEST, but it should be enough to load the damn store at a decent speed. Its not like everyone in the world has a fast connection.

    The speed issues will only end when they remake the store. Atleast it will be faster on the PS4, thats for sure.

  20. phranctoast:

    Yeah. I have a 50/25. It’s just an HTML site. Shouldn’t be all that slow at all.

  21. Kushy:

    What is the fastest speeds you get in the states guys? I have a 28mbps connection, good enough and the price is cheap! I did have a 150mbps connection but it was costing way too much and found it was overkill!

  22. phranctoast:

    The fastest Verizon Fios has is 300Mbps Download
    65Mbps Upload for $200/month.

    I pay for 50/25, but in reality with a speed check, I hit 58-60 and 30-35.

  23. MAK:


    I don’t even have Fios in my area.

    But the real question is, how many GBs are you allowed to download per month?
    Speed means nothing of you’re capped at a few gigabyte limit.

    My one friend from Canada got some good speeds, but he was only allowed 15 per month.

  24. dans:

    Scotland calling in here, I’m lucky if I get over 1Mbps.

  25. phranctoast:

    Yeah. There’s no download CAP. If there was I would have gone over with Netflix monthly.

  26. Roca.:

    “Scotland calling in here, I’m lucky if I get over 1Mbps”

    don’t worry, the average internet speed in the US is about 3-5Mbps

  27. MAK:


    I have AT&T, I get 250GB per month. I’m sure Verizon has a limit, it’s just high.
    Trust me, I download many 10GB games and watch dozens of Netflix movies per month and never come close.


    It never feels like people have that speed.
    Everytime I’m on COD, it seems like everyone has a better connection than me. And my connection isn’t even slow. In my area, all my friends have slower connections.

    I think since people are buying faster speeds, I think that the average will move up to 5-7.
    Hell, the average 3G speed is 6. Now look at 4G.

  28. Godless:


    For most online games, it’s not about the speed of your connection, but the ping time.

    You could have the fastest steaming connection in the world, and it could be shit for gaming due to high ping.

    problem is many of the mainstream providers are now gearing up with steaming in mind, and the ping times have gone out the window, getting worse all the time.

    Dans 1mb/s is more than plenty for most games so long as you have a good ping.

  29. MAK:


    You’re right, but my ping is decent. It has basically remained unchanged.

    I always had 30 ping with a slow speed.
    When I upgraded, it went up to 40-60.
    So I get 30-60. Which isn’t bad. When you’re up in the hundreds, then I would be concerned.

    If I went Wired, I’m sure the ping would be lower.

    Also, when I had better ping and a slow connection, which was 3mbs, I had a bad connection on Cod4. One minute It would be fine, great, then terrible.

    Another thing to remember, Call of Duty searches for lobbies with similar ping, yet people always seem to have a better connection.

  30. Godless:

    40-60. . Bloody hell, it’s no wonder we get thrashed in multiplayer games over here.

    Ping times for me have been well over 100 for most servers, sometimes close to 300.

    I read somewhere that the devs actually build in lag on the servers via a I/O data buffer for all users connected try and level the playing field in an effort to prevent the old PC issue of LPBs cleaning the floor with everyone else.

    I have to say I always feel like I’m a half second behind the game, and often in kill cam, it’s more than apparent they have seen me well before I could see them. It’s a pity, it’s not possible to select local servers when playing a match, that might help for those of us in the north of Scotland :(

  31. oldschool1987:

    Mines 64-70mbps, I got told that’s the best for my area. That’s with Virgin. That’s unlimited with the Virgin box, all channels, phone line all for £50.

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