Rumor: Microsoft in talks with NBC to bring Heroes back as Xbox original TV content

April 18, 2013

Rumor: Microsoft in talks with NBC to bring Heroes back as Xbox original TV contentMicrosoft has hinted at the possibility of pursuing original content in the form of shows for the next Xbox console. Early last year, Microsoft canceled original programs such as Inside Xbox and revealed that the company is reevaluating the types of shows that will be produced for the console.

Just recently, Microsoft also revealed the sale of its Mediaroom IP TV property to Ericsson in order to focus on streaming TV content for the Xbox platform. Microsoft stated that the company will be devoting “all TV resources to Xbox in a continued mission to make it the premium entertainment service.”

According to a new rumor via TVLine, Microsoft is venturing into original programming with talks to revive NBC’s popular Heroes show. While talks are still in the preliminary stages, Microsoft wants to bring in original cast members as cameos to support a new cast of characters and story.

Earlier this year, MSN hired former NBC executive, Jada Miranda to oversee production of its new Xbox entertainment studio in Las Angeles, which is run by Nancy Tellem, ex-CBS president. With a cast of former network TV executives running the Xbox entertainment division, this rumor may very well be true.

Other streaming video service providers have started to delve into original programing such as Netflix’s exclusive House of Cards, staring Kevin Spacey. Sony’s Crackle video streaming service made some initial inroads to original programing with The Bannen Way, which garnered more than 13 million views setting the record for the format. Crackle’s new exclusive program Chosen, has also been well received with the series renewed for a second season.

Ironically, Sony’s original program Chosen stars Milo Ventimiglia as the main character, who also incidentally played Peter Petrelli on Heroes. Crackle is a  streaming video service that is also available for free over the PlayStation Network, which provides ad supported network TV shows.

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3 Responses to “Rumor: Microsoft in talks with NBC to bring Heroes back as Xbox original TV content”

  1. phranctoast:

    Sony does a terrible time of advertising things like this. Until today, I never heard of The Bannen Way or Chosen….

    Now. Would this new Heroes, be exclusive to the Nextbox?

    Or will it be like Crackle (which haves an App on XBL) be available to all?

  2. oldschool1987:

    Let them have Heroes, it sucked after season 1. I bought the second and thought it was a mess, the third season was even worse so I didn’t even buy the fourth. It’s a shame because the first season was so brilliant. Total let down.

  3. CarlB:

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