Sony’s gamble with Heavy Rain paid off, was “very profitable”

April 21, 2013

Sony’s gamble with Heavy Rain paid off, was “very profitable” Quantic Dream’s PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain was a gamble as the studio’s ambitious game design challenged the traditional model. Despite the game’s unique direction, Heavy Rain was a critical and financial success.

According to Eurogamer, Quantic Dream’s Guillaume de Fondaumiere revealed that Heavy Rain cost €16.7 million ($22 million) to develop and another €40 million ($52 million) to market and distribute.

He also revealed that the game went on to make over €100 million ($131 million) for Sony. He stated, "Sony earned more than €100 million with this game. It’s very profitable."

According to Fondaumiere things have changed since Heavy Rain, as he reflects on the time he met with actor Lenoardo DiCaprio for a role in the game. While DiCaprio was interested in doing video games, he was hesitant to do so. "He made us understand that from an image perspective, this wasn’t going to work."

Fast forward to today, Quantic Dream’s next PS3 title, Beyond: Two Souls stars two Academy Award nominees with Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

Fondaumiere explained that his goal was to push video games into the limelight so that its recognized as a cultural form of expression so that developers can reap benefits TV and film creators have enjoyed for years such as tax breaks, government subsidies and mainstream creative acceptance.

We need, as an industry, to be probably more creative, and probably stop creating, every year, the same games over again. Maybe create new IPs. We need publishers of course to take the risk to create new IPs. But we also need the audience to [vote with their wallets].

He also urged other publishers to take more risks with new IPs.

What I would like to see is publishers taking more risks and have a balanced approach between the sequels they are financing year after year, and the new projects that they are developing, and this balanced approach will make for a more appealing industry overall.

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