Dragon’s Crown officially dated for PS3 and PS Vita – Aug 6

April 24, 2013

Dragon’s Crown officially dated for PS3 and PS Vita – Aug 6Vanillaware is one of the greatest developers to come out of the PS2 era with its masterpiece Odin Sphere. The studio has been hard at work on its next major title Dragon’s Crown for the PS3 and PS Vita due out later this year.

Its been a while since we last heard of this 2D multiplayer that mixes Diablo dungeon crawling with action RPG. This is one game to look forward to as it infuses some interesting game mechanics into Vanillaware’s traditional game style.

Similarly to other crawlers like Diablo, you will be able to buddy up with up to four-player co-op over PSN and choose from six character classes with unique skills that can be leveled up. There will be tons of dungeon exploring and loot hunting in the game.


Dragon’s Crown’s official site writes:

“Dragon’s Crown” is an action fantasy RPG in the vein of “Princess Crown” and “Odin Sphere”, married with gamemaster-style storytelling as seen in “Etrain Odyssey” with a strong focus on high-fantasy, a new era of adventure now begins.

The paths that lead people to this land are manifold and varied, but they share a single goal. Now you have journeyed here to brave the dangerous, monster-ridden dungeons. Daring adventurers from far and wide have come to face the labyrinths on the outskirts of town, and you are joining their ranks. You must first gather a strong party. No one adventurer will be able to overcome these trials alone. Let us begin your journey… I wish you good luck.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the reason why the game took so long was due to Vanillaware’s process of painstakingly hand-drawing each animation in the game. Gamers will be able to pick from a list of classes: Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Fighter, Sorceress and Wizard. You will encounter enemies such as hordes of goblins, orcs myconids and dragons.

Dragon’s Crown has a release date of August 6th and will also support cross save between the PS Vita and PS3.

Vanillaware is also working on another title just for the PS Vita due out later this year called Muramasa: Rebirth, a HD remaster of the Wii exclusive title. While there is no date yet the Japanese version of the game did ship last month. The North American version will be published by Aksys Games. 

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11 Responses to “Dragon’s Crown officially dated for PS3 and PS Vita – Aug 6”

  1. Zoar:

    I think I’ll get this on the Vita. Maybe

  2. Barnabe Jones:

    Now that’s how you do boob physics!

    This looks really good. Almost reminds me of an updated Golden Axe.

    I really want to get Soul Sacrifice, but I need to clear up my Vita backlog first.

  3. CarlB:

    Dragon’s Crown has been my most anticipated game for Vita, looks like it’s been coming along nicely, and something they could put on PSN Mobile as well, especially now that it has dualshock compatibility.

    Looks like PS4 will be using the hard disk more than PS3 did, though I highly doubt this means it will break down years earlier as some here have implied earlier:

    “The games industry is gradually moving toward games downloads, putting game data directly onto harddisks for quick and easy access. Sony has the same plan for the PS4 with their PlayGo system, which will even download digital titles as they’re being played.

    In a Gamasutra interview, PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny explained that you’ll only need to download a portion of data to start playing, and the rest comes down in the background…

    any data accessed on the disc is automatically put on the hard drive. And if there is idle time, the system starts to copy the remaining data to the drive.

    Cerny continues, “And what that means is after an hour or two, the game is on the hard drive, and you have access, you have dramatically quicker loading… And you have the ability to do some truly high-speed streaming.”

    So it sounds like our days of lengthy game installs are over with the PS4. Great news.”


  4. ncaissie:


  5. phranctoast:

    Damn Carlb. You must really be lacking attention at home.

  6. CarlB:

    What’s wrong phranc?
    Did your hard drive go out on you?

  7. phranctoast:

    Yeah it did actually. AFK at work and typing (like gaming) on a phone is just a chore.

  8. CarlB:

    Sorry to hear that. Sounds like you don’t have the right peripherals for your phone.

  9. Roca.:

    “Sounds like you don’t have the right peripherals for your phone.”

    a charger? I’m pretty sure he has one.
    Smartphone gaming still sucks

  10. CarlB:

    A bluetooth keyboard and dualshock controller.
    Works fine.

  11. phranctoast:

    LOL. That’s all I need to make gaming and typing not suck on my phone?

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