Paul Thurrott was right next Xbox reveal invite sent out, other details could be true

April 24, 2013

Paul Thurrott was right next Xbox reveal invite sent out, other predictions could be trueEarlier this month tech journo, Paul Thurrott confirmed that Microsoft originally scheduled an April 24th reveal for the next Xbox 720 or Durango console but later decided to postpone to May 21st. What CNET is calling the worst kept secret in tech, Microsoft has now sent out official invites to press for a May 21 event.

Earlier today Microsoft started to send out invites to a press event with the heading “A New Generation Revealed” with the Xbox logo followed by:

Don Mattrick and the Xbox team invite you to the Xbox campus for a special unveiling 10:00AM May 21, 2013 Redmond, Washington

The event will be broadcasted across, Xbox Live and Spike TV 1pm ET/10am PT.

Major Nelson publically confirmed the event on his blog stating that on May 21st Microsoft will usher in the “beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment.”

He also revealed that during E3 Microsoft will unveil its “full lineup of blockbuster games.”

On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future. Then, 19-days later at theElectronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games.

We are thrilled to pull back the curtain and reveal what we’ve been working on.

Since Thurott was spot on with the reveal date, his other reveals could have some water. He stated that Microsoft is readying two Xbox 720 pricing models – $500 to buy the device out right and $300 with a subscription contract. He also confirmed that the console will run Windows 8 core.

He also confirmed that the next Xbox will be always online, but stated that the wording was vague and didn’t really know what that meant. 

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71 Responses to “Paul Thurrott was right next Xbox reveal invite sent out, other details could be true”

  1. Barnabe Jones:

    It’s probably no secret that I didn’t pick up an Xbox this gen. I strongly disagreed with M$ holding my internet connection hostage behind a pay wall. That sticking point alone, made me pass on the 360.

    So now we’re looking at M$’s next console… rumors of always on DRM, blocking of used games, more horrible Kinect games, etc.

    2 things will need to be confirmed before I’m remotely interested: free online play + No DRM blocking used games. Otherwise, GTFO.

  2. CarlB:

    “Sony Reports First Profit Since 2008 on Asset Sales, Yen

    Sony reported it’s first annual profit in five years after selling assets and benefiting from a weaker yen that boosted overseas revenue.

    Net income was probably 40 billion yen ($403 million) in the year ended March 31, compared with a net loss of 456.7 billion yen a year earlier, the company said in a preliminary earnings statement today.

    Selling properties and other investments have generated about $2 billion in profit for Sony as it tries to end seven straight years of losses from television production.

    “Asset sales are one-time gains, and the challenge this year will be to generate as much profit from businesses”

  3. Barnabe Jones:

    Nintendo dropping out of E3 this year. Looks like Wii-U is going to be written off as a complete and utter failure. I remember calling this years ago :)

  4. CarlB:

    They’ll still be there, they just have no new hardware to announce so they don’t need a major press conference. Wii-U is at 3.45 million worldwide in 5 months… whereas Vita is at 4 million in 14 months, and PS3 was only at 2.85M in it’s first 5 months. :D

    “At E3 this year, we are not planning to launch new hardware, and our main activity at E3 will be to announce and have people experience our software.”

  5. phranctoast:

    The future? I hope not……

  6. CarlB:

    The future? I hope not……

  7. phranctoast:

    Sessler something on Nintendo dropping out of E3 this year.

  8. CarlB:


  9. CarlB:

    “Does this move speak more toward Nintendo’s position in the market, or the relevance of the decade-old E3 formula for an industry in upheaval?

    First, it is expensive, and Nintendo’s trying to hit that 100 billion yen profit goal for the year with Iwata’s job on the line.

    Second, Nintendo’s event last year didn’t generate the wave of enthusiastic press coverage they were hoping for, so why try again when it didn’t work last time?

    Third, Sony and Microsoft will certainly get lots of attention with brand-new hardware; Nintendo’s Wii U is not new and thus will suffer in direct comparison.

    It’s the direct comparison that Nintendo is looking to avoid, since the Wii U doesn’t compare to the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft in raw performance.

    Plus Nintendo won’t have anywhere near as many important new games to talk about as the competition, and certainly the Wii U won’t have the level of third-party support the other guys will.

    Nintendo’s strategy is to play it lower key, let the other guys have all the hoopla and spend all the money, and look to get some attention for a few important Wii U software titles.

    Nintendo’s got a weak hand, so they’re trying to play E3 as cost-effectively as possible. There’s no way Nintendo would win a direct PR battle at E3; better to save the money and spend it on marketing at Christmas, since sales are the ultimate goal.

    Nintendo will focus on direct connections with retailers and media, hoping to leave a good impression with minimal spending.”

  10. Roca.:

    One step closer to Sony acquiring Nintendo

  11. Roca.:

    “According to the report, current Microsoft guidelines will allow publishers to choose between requiring a constant Internet connection, performing a one-time check when the game starts up, or simply not implementing any Internet-based DRM at all”

    Doesn’t surprise me…after MS took windows from being open to being a closed OS.

  12. phranctoast:

  13. CarlB:

    “One step closer to Sony acquiring Nintendo”

    Who are they going to borrow the money from to do so?
    Microsoft? Sony doesn’t have any real estate left to sell. Besides, Nintendo has more in the bank than both combined.

  14. me_:

    Could be the other way around.

    I don’t think Nintendo would want all of Sony (who would) but there’s going to be some cheap studios on the market if Sony continues its current trend.

  15. CarlB:

  16. Kushy:

    “One step closer to Sony acquiring Nintendo”


    Oh shut up Roca! Nintendo has way more money then Sony! That’s just a cold hard fact! So when I said $50.00 can mean the difference between someone eating or not you said that was stupid just because it was on topic of a Nintendo console! But you throw out insane comments like this! My comment was logical, your’s is a pipe dream! Hardly anyone bothers responding to your comments anymore because you are just a blind Sony fanboy! Sony buying out Nintendo! Bwahahahahaaha! :P

  17. Roca.:

    I see you’re still closed minded and hurt by the dumb comment you made a while ago….hahahaha

    I clearly said: “one step closer” meaning that if Nintendo things keep going the way they’ve been going for Nintendo (on the other hand, Sony is projecting a bright future). Nintendo as a company will go down in value and then any company with a few billions in cash could acquire it.

    Remember when MS almost bought Yahoo for ~50B…how much is Yahoo worth now? The same could happen to Nintendo as they solely rely selling gaming software and hardware and unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo doesn’t have any other source of revenue and they cannot afford to sell their hardware at a loss.

    That’s what I meant when I said “one step closer”….Think before you talk dude and stop making a fool out of yourself. You made a dumb comment and I called you out on it (I believe Phranc also said he would’ve done the same if I hadn’t called you out first). Get over it and move on.

  18. phranctoast:

    Rather than being bought outright, I think the poor Wii U showing is really one step closer to them going third party altogether.

  19. CarlB:

    I think it’s one step closer to the reality that mobile is gaining ground over consoles. However, 3DS is still stomping the Vita into the dirt. But the beauty of it is just because a console manufacturer stops making consoles, or doesn’t sell as many, it doesn’t stop them from putting out those same games on mobile. Games have always been the money maker regardless of the box they are played on, and that will still remain true as home box consoles fade away.

  20. phranctoast:

    Picked a terrible example for the end of consoles. Just saying.

  21. CarlB:

    It seems like a natural start considering how Nintendo has lagged behind the others in graphics performance and things like online/achievements. It has to start somewhere.

  22. phranctoast:

    It would make for a better example if the wii U was noticeably better graphically than the ps3/360 and actually released some games. Now skipping out on E3, it appears Nintendo wants to let it die. On top of that everyone’s anticipating Sony and microsofts new machines giving the wii U little time to make an impact.

    All these things factor in better for the low sales than mobile being related.

    On the other hand, it shows how people don’t really want a tablet like controller hooking up to the tv.

  23. twilight:

    I don’t even know why Nintendo even bothered to release the Wii U. Nintendo released an underpowered system that isn’t even more powerful then the current Ps3 system or Xbox360 with a bulky gimmicky contoller. This was a stupid move by Nintendo. There is only so far gimmicks will go. Nintendo doesn’t even have any proper support from third party developers. Wii U is finished. The system will be completely destroyed and left behind when the next generation systems by Microsoft and Sony come out.
    As far as home consoles fading away, this is not going to happen. Mobile gaming is not going to cause console gaming to fade away.

  24. CarlB:

    Nintendo is the only one to make an appreciable profit off of consoles over the last decade or so, so having inexpensive tech plays into that profit for consoles.

    Nintendo isn’t “skipping” E3, they are still attending and showing their software. They just have nothing major to announce like Sony and Microsoft, so why should they pretend that they do?

    On the other hand, it shows people don’t want a dedicated gaming device which can be used for little else hooking up to the tv.

    So what’s going to happen with WiiU? Well, it’s already sold more than the PS3 and Vita did in the same time. A one game attach makes it automatically profitable, so that’s taken care of. Reminds me of how everyone said how horribly 3DS was doing. All WiiU needs is the inevitable price drop with more 1st party software and sales will pick up. It should do fine this gen, but not enough to stop the decline of consoles within 1-3 (8yr) console gens.

    However, it’s not just mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and ultrabooks/laptops (all of which are already compatible with console controls and many AAA games – both desktop pc and home console) that will cause dedicated home consoles and handheld consoles to fade away, but also smart tv’s, usb gamesticks and controllers which can integrate whatever tech a console has.

    But don’t worry. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft can all continue to manufacture their respective “consoles” and develop game software 8-20 years from now, they will just take on a different, much smaller, more integrated form as mentioned above.

  25. CarlB:

  26. Godless:

    my money is on Nvidia so long as it doesn’t cost a fortune.

    None of these android devices will ever pose a threat to high end console gaming. The Vita and the mobile phones have shown us that a portables and cheap android consoles, even when relatively powerful for the given platform can not deliver the same experience as a full blown console. Next gen will only push the bar even higher out of reach for them.

    As soon as they have the same power. . . they will cost as much.. and in fact be a “full blown console”.

    There will always be two tiers of gaming High end, and low end. . dedicated consoles will always rule the high end gaming even though the bar will continue to rise on both systems. I will concede that some day maybe the dedicated console will be to some degree portable. . this will only make it even more expensive, and not something for the casual gamer.

  27. CarlB:

    As I’m spending more time with Persona 4 Golden on Vita, it’s changing my mind about portables vs. consoles. It isn’t graphically impressive, though it is pretty, but it is something that I think core gamers enjoy regardless. 3DS has even less graphics power and it’s outselling home consoles handily. The next gen of these portables will only narrow the gap in performance between them and their big brothers.

    Nvidia’s take seems to make the most sense for the future… it integrates the console into the controller and also allows it to hook up to the tv and take it with you wherever you want, all on what seems will be a relatively open platform. Nintendo and Sony should both be doing this with 3DS and Vita now, I don’t know why they aren’t, maybe they don’t want to cannibalize their home console, first party sales, control, or royalties. But if that’s the case, that kind of dinosaur thinking will only hasten their demise over the coming generations.

    “Dedicated” consoles aren’t even dedicated now, as they incorporate more and more features that were once the sole domain of pc’s.

    “I will concede that some day maybe the dedicated console will be to some degree portable. .
    this will only make it even more expensive, and not something for the casual gamer.”

    What did you mean by this statement? That what we know as “home consoles” now (PS3/360/WiiU) will be handhelds instead? If this is the case, I completely agree, except I think they will be even more affordable, as 3DS and Vita are now… okay, maybe not so much the Vita, but you get the gist of it.

    As for casuals, they already seem to be enamored with smartphone and tablet gaming, which, depending upon your circumstances, may be considered even more expensive, at least for the hardware, while any that don’t have the scratch for that might go for ouya, gamestick, or low end tablets/smartphones.

  28. phranctoast:

    “Nintendo is the only one to make an appreciable profit off of consoles over the last decade or so, so having inexpensive tech plays into that profit for consoles.”

    Just not in longevity as witnessed right now for both the Wii and the Wii U.

    “Nintendo isn’t “skipping” E3, they are still attending and showing their software. They just have nothing major to announce like Sony and Microsoft, so why should they pretend that they do?”

    They’ll be not having a press conference showing whats to come, and instead showing things on Nintendo direct, which makes little to no sense. The ND people aren’t the people traditionally catered to at E3, as they already are fans on Nintendo. It’s like Sony skipping E3, and just putting something out on PSN. What about the mass of people that don’t view that? Anyway.. It’s stupid of them to skip E3, and the general consensus around the web supports that.

    “So what’s going to happen with WiiU? Well, it’s already sold more than the PS3 and Vita did in the same time.”

    Which is scary for the PSV. Not so much with the PS3. Unlike the Wii U, the PS3 has legs that can sustain the initial high costs and lack of software.

    The Wii U will sell worse than the Gamecube.

    Nintendo, had this one year to wow and get people to drop money on the Wii U before the big boys join the fight. They failed. E3 could have been a great time to drum up enthusiasm. Too bad. \

    As for consoles going away… I’m tired of this discussion.

    The foresight you show here in the your predictions that consoles will go away, lacks the foresight of console manufacturers doing something else to push the medium. Do you really think they’re just going to stand around and twiddle their thumbs?

    As Godless pointed out. There will be different tiers of gaming. Mobile is just one.

  29. CarlB:

    “Do you really think they’re just going to stand around and twiddle their thumbs?”

    As I said already, I don’t think they will. Instead they will work on things such as their own console controllers (Nvidia style) and allowing their games on other platforms.

    Again, there will still be different tiers of gaming, but the top tier will no longer be tied to a box that sits next to the TV or on the desktop in the decades to come, while the box fades away as it no longer becomes necessary, or even desirable.

  30. CarlB:

    “The Wii U will sell worse than the Gamecube.”

    Perhaps, but DS outsold PS2 and 3DS is outselling PS3, and considering WiiU is already selling more than PS3 did, they’re not so bad off.

    “Unlike the Wii U, the PS3 has legs that can sustain the initial high costs and lack of software.”

    WiiU is profitable after a 1 game attach rate, and unlike PS3, it’s hardware will be probably be profitable within a year, not six.

  31. twilight:

    The Wii U is dead. You can put the nail in the coffin that is the Wii U system. R.i.p. Wii U.

  32. phranctoast:

    “they’re not so bad off.”

    No. They’re pretty bad off. The didn’t start at $600, with a projected 10 year lifetime.

    “it’s hardware will be probably be profitable within a year, not six.”

    Profitable hardware means little when no one is buying it.

    Why are you actually trying to sugarcoat how poor the Wii U is doing? Everyone, including Nintendo is in panic mode about it, but you’re the optimistic one……?

  33. Roca.:

    “Well, it’s already sold more than the PS3″

    being a “next-gen” system with no competition (no PS4 or X720 yet) and going for half the price of the original PS3…you would think they will sell more ;)

    Now, the question is….has the Wii U sold more than the 360 and PS3 since it launched? :D

  34. CarlB:

    No. They’re fine. They started at $300 with what is probably a 5-7 year lifespan. Even if it lasts only 3 years it will probably still be a profit for Nintendo.

    I’m not “optimistic” about it, I’m saying it will be sustainable this gen for a few years, not wildly successful. If Nintendo does take any losses off of it, which is highly doubtful, 3DS will more than make up for it.

  35. CarlB:

    “has the Wii U sold more than the 360 and PS3 since it launched?”

    It doesn’t have to. The Wii, Wii U and 3DS combined sold more than the PS3, Vita, and 360 combined since WiiU launched. :D

  36. phranctoast:

    “It doesn’t have to. The Wii, Wii U and 3DS combined sold more than the PS3, Vita, and 360 combined since WiiU launched.”

    Sure about that? Being they this quarters results aren’t complete I’ll fill it in best to my knowledge.

    Oct-dec 2012:
    3DS: 7.64M
    Wii: 2.21M
    Wii U: 3.06M
    Total 12.91M

    PS3/PS2: 6.8M
    360: 5.9M
    Vita/PSP: 2.7M
    Total: 15.4M

    Jan-march 2013:
    3DS: 1.24M
    Wii 450K
    Wii U: 390k

    PS3: 2.4M*
    360: 1.3M
    PSV: 1.2M*


  37. phranctoast:

    Wii U hacked.
    On a positive note, there’s not a hell of a lot for people to steal.

  38. phranctoast:

    “”We originally planned to release a few first-party titles for Wii U during the first half of this year, but no big titles are scheduled for release before Pikmin 3 in July [in Japan] because we decided to take time to add the final touches to ensure that consumers fully feel that they are valuable titles. The brand of a franchise would be completely degraded without customer satisfaction.

    “The reason for the delayed release of our first-party titles was the fact that completing the games released at the same time as the launch of Wii U required more development resources than expected, so some staff members from development teams working on other titles had to help complete them. In short, the development teams of Pikmin 3 and other future games were understaffed during that period.”

    Iwata also said that software development is becoming more challenging as consumers are being more selective about purchases.

    “It is true that it is becoming increasingly challenging to meet the expectations of consumers who are willing to pay $50-$60 for a game, and it is difficult to break even unless a huge number of units is sold all over the world, so it cannot be denied that software development is becoming more challenging.

    “Among such packaged software, however, the sales of popular games are much larger than in the past. Therefore, if we create more hit games, the software development business can still be very profitable. All games break even if they sell millions of copies worldwide, so we will continue to do our best to develop games which have high sales potential.”


  39. phranctoast:

    “No. They’re fine. They started at $300 with what is probably a 5-7 year lifespan. Even if it lasts only 3 years it will probably still be a profit for Nintendo.”

    By this logic the PSV is doing a lot better than the Wii U as they’re making a profit on each one sold rather than losing like ninty.

  40. CarlB:

    “By this logic the PSV is doing a lot…”

    …worse than 3DS. Yes.

  41. CarlB:

    But it simply goes back to my main point, that is now the last two consoles released from two different companies to perform worse than their predecessors did at the same point in their lifecycle.

  42. phranctoast:

    Poor examples to make that point as both the PS2 and the Wii sales exceed anything their successors could hopefully achieve.

    I read a journalists describe it pretty comically.
    He said It’s like getting the Beatles and then being disappointed the next time it’s the Stones.

    Now to be fair, the Wii U is more like the spin doctors, but skipping out on touring makes no sense to me.

  43. CarlB:

    Actually I was talking about Wii U and PSV, the last two consoles released.

    To be fair, the PSP is probably more like the Turtles than the Beatles.

  44. CarlB:

    “the last two consoles released.”

    Also the only two to be released after iOS/Android smartphones and tablets.

  45. CarlB:

    “the Turtles” (no, not the TMNT)

  46. phranctoast:

    Doesn’t explain how well the 3DS is doing for your traditional gaming apocalypse.

  47. CarlB:

    Thanks for reminding me, the 3DS is also selling worse than DS did. So that’s the last three consoles released which aren’t doing as well as their predecessors.

  48. Roca.:

    You lost Carl.

    The Wii U is not outselling the PS3
    And the Wii U/Wii/3DS are not outselling the PS3/PS2/Vita/PSP nor the PS3/360/Vita

  49. CarlB:

    The Wii U is outselling the PS3 for the same time period in it’s lifecycle (i.e. first few months).
    And Wii U/Wii/3DS/DS have been outselling the PS3/PS2/Vita/PSP in sales, let alone the PS3/360/Vita.

  50. CarlB:

  51. Roca.:

    backpedaling much?

    You said “The Wii, Wii U and 3DS combined sold more than the PS3, Vita, and 360 combined since WiiU launche” (WRONG!)

    give it up Carl. You already lost your credibility.

    Also it’s not fair comparing a $300 system with no new competition vs a $600 system going against two great consoles selling for much less.

    Wii U has not been able to outsell the PS3 or 360, and it’s very likely that they will never outsell the PS4 or the x720 (unless MS screws things up with DRM and always on)

  52. CarlB:

    “You said “The Wii, Wii U and 3DS combined sold more than the PS3, Vita, and 360 combined since WiiU launch”

    Right. Do you see “PS2″ and “PSP” included anywhere in there? Nope.

    “Also it’s not fair…”

    Boohoo. It’s reality. Deal with it.

    WiiU already had a better launch than PS3 or 360 (see link).
    Regardless, it still won’t do better than Wii, Vita won’t do better than PSP, and PS4/720 probably won’t do better than PS3/360, which all plays back into my main point: consoles are fading away.

  53. phranctoast:

    PS3 wasn’t even out in Europe until the end of March the following year. Sold at $600 and with shortages.

    PS3 first three months 1.7M compared to 3.06 for the Wii U
    Ps3 first Jan-March with 1.8M to 390k for the Wii U.
    Ps3 first 6 months. 3.5M
    Wii U first 6 months. 3.39M
    You were saying?lol.

    The DS has sold 1.37M for the last 6 months and the PS2 was discontinued in January. When in doubt. Move goalposts. Lol.

    Anyway. The Wii U simply doesn’t have the third party support or the technology under the hood to sustain it. It also certainly does not have the casual drawing gimmick that was the wii mote to help it that way.

  54. phranctoast:

    Boohoo. It’s math. Deal with it.

  55. CarlB:

    Oh my. So it managed to do just as good as PS3.

    Anyway. Even if Wii U is doomed to failure as you say it just plays into my main point: consoles are fading away.

  56. CarlB:

    Deal with it.

  57. phranctoast:

    Crappy consoles certainly are or machines that offer nothing else the competition doesn’t.

    Now to make your point valid, the two other consoles need to be underpowered and have almost zero third party support and actually release a few games in their first six months.

    Well… This doesn’t sound like the case at all.

  58. phranctoast:

    ‘and actually not release’

  59. CarlB:

    Now to make my point “valid”, the only thing that needs to happen is that PS4/720 do not do as well as their predecessors (PS3/360) in sales.

    Well. That sounds like a distinct possibility.
    And even if that doesn’t happen, I was still conservative and gave it a full 3 eight year generations from now.

    Let’s see how it plays out, shall we?

  60. phranctoast:

    I’m sure once the ps4 starts outselling the ps3 initially THEN you’ll suddenly recall the $600 price tag, the PS3 shortages and not launching worldwide.

  61. CarlB:

    I never denied any of those things.
    They are all factors, some of which may weigh more than others.
    Even PS3′s limited library of launch games was a factor.
    Even PS3′s limited online capabilities, lack of streaming, and lack of an achievement (trophy system) at launch is a factor in comparison to PS4′s launch.

  62. CarlB:

    *are factors*

  63. phranctoast:

    You’re right. You didn’t deny any of that. Instead you were intentially oblivious while withholding pertinent factors.

    That’s like saying you weren’t lying. You just decided to not tell the whole truth. :)

    Sounds like your gearing up for a bit of egg in face. Well. It sure beats eating crow. ;)

  64. CarlB:

    “You just decided to not tell the whole truth.”

    Actually, you didn’t just now, but I filled in the remaining points for you. “You just decided to not tell the whole truth. :D

  65. CarlB:

    NOW you want the “whole” truth… better late than never I suppose. ;)

  66. Roca.:

    *enjoying watching Carl backpedaling, flip flopping and getting pwned by his own comments*

  67. twilight:

    Lol @ Roca. You should know by now that Carl B just likes to argue just for the sake of arguing sometimes.

  68. CarlB:

    “Much like GameStop across the pond, GAME will soon sell a full range of tablets at 150 of its stores.”

  69. phranctoast:

    “*enjoying watching Carl backpedaling, flip flopping and getting pwned by his own comments*”

    He is rather cringe worthy lately.

    I don’t know what’s worse. The lame comebacks or the childish antics.

  70. CarlB:

    “There’s a good chance that this next type of console is the final run for consoles in general”

  71. Kushy:

    “I clearly said: “one step closer””


    Yeah I got that part, crystal clear buddy! One step closer to NEVER HAPPENING! Lol, one step closer to Sony buying out Nintendo! Bwahahaha, silly fanboy! Take your own advise about thinking before saying something! :P

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