Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video released

July 10, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video released As teased by Rockstar yesterday, the studio has released the first gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto V and it looks amazing. Its hard to believe the game is running on current gen technology as Rockstar squeezes out every last ounce of power.

According to Rockstar the gameplay footage was captured in-game running directly off the PS3 hardware. Could the PS3 be the lead platform this go around?

The video demonstrates how players can switch between the three main characters to accomplish team based objectives. For example while one guy is crashing through the windows shooting guns blazing, you can switch to a second character across the street with a sniper rifle and start taking out the other enemies.

The seamless transition almost reminds me of Dragon Age, where you can switch between characters on the fly to continue the battle. The weapon gameplay mechanics have been much improved for a Max Payne look and feel. The vehicle driving also looks solid.

While the video didn’t reveal much about the online multiplayer mode, it did show a small snippet near the end. It seems like air traversal will be a big thing in multiplayer as a jet flew by manned by a player.

Due to some confusion about the platform the game was running on, Rockstar confirmed that the game was indeed running off the PS3 in the forums.

Just to clarify for those asking, this particular video was captured with footage from the PS3 version of the game.

Also, make sure to check out a pair of Q&A’s we did with Game Informer that debuted today with more details on customization and gun combat in GTAV (along with some new screens), plus an interview for French speaking fans at Jeuxactu:


Sony has an exclusive PS3 bundle deal with Rockstar as well for those interested in pick up a current gen console.


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59 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video released”

  1. greenLanternfan:

    Definitely picking this up. There’s still good games looking forward to before next gen arrives.

  2. Godless:

    WOW, footage looks amazing. Never really been a fan of the GTA games, though i did like spending the odd 10 minutes creating mayhem with the cops & army way back in my PC days but this looks pretty tempting

  3. oldschool1987:

    They confirmed PS3 as lead months ago.

    I’ve always been a huge GTA fan and knew this game would look awesome but I never expected it to look this amazing.

    Can’t call GOTY now.

  4. twilight:

    Well, The Last Of Us should definetely be a game of the year contender. It will probably go head to head with GTA.

  5. phranctoast:

    People tend to forget about the games that came out early in the year when voting for GOTY. A definite shame, but I’ve seen it happen all to often…..

  6. oldschool1987:

  7. Roca.:

    good watch

  8. Godless:

    LMFAO at rocas link

    Roca that twat knows about as much about servers and how they can be used as you do about PC hardware.

    Some utterly pathetic examples, he clearly knows fuck all about what servers can and can’t do, or what real constitutes cloud computing for that matter. Uncharted two match making = cloud computing ROFLMAO What a dick.

  9. Roca.:

    ^ butthurt MS fanboy ROFLMAO

  10. SW:

    Enlighten us as to what this could be used for (outside of the remote storage we currently have) & as to how this will noticeably impact console performance.


  11. Stickman:

    I can’t help but wonder if we won’t meet some of the Grove Street family members in the game. Like CJ, where he maybe assists with a mission. It would be awesome.

  12. CarlB:

    The way I understand it, basically everything the player is not in immediate interaction with can processed by the cloud instead of the terminal system. This could allow for a much more massive and detailed world than having everything be processed by the terminal system alone. We saw such difficulties with the system trying to handle these open worlds (and not having as much power as say, higher-end gaming pc’s) this gen in such games as Skyrim.

  13. oldschool1987:

    New Ratchet and Clank game confirmed! A return to roots as well :) can’t wait!

  14. Godless:


    Almost any complex computational task can be given to the server. the server then only has to give results of the calculations to the console.

    AI, often a huge burden on the cpu, especially when you start having multiple chragters to deal with. with the cloude all AI could be handled by the server, wich would then just pass on the results to the console.

    Real time environmental damage
    Again a huge calculation, and one that is all too often dumbed down, because it’s simply too much for a console.
    Imagine battlefield where all objects are real, and subject to the physics engine.
    You throw a grenade into a building. Windows get blown out doors fly off hinges, chairs get thrown around or broken, things catch fire, and keep burning till its burn out, walls damaged in a realistic manner, parts of buildings collapse when they become unstable, Bullets, vehicles, weather The list is endless, and all the server needs to do is send the results of the calculations, rather than the console having to do the maths itself.

    Then there is the potential for dynamic worlds that stay running while you’re not there.
    Imagine a game like Minecraft, where maybe thousands of players, are building huge fortresses, planting forests, building war machines, waging wars on each others clans, All the while the world is changing in ways a single console wouldn’t even begin to handle, but you are able to roam freely in this world, while the server passes you only the data you need.

    Then there is lighting, and yes the fucktard in the video did mention it, but as usual he made a Sony fanboy twat of himself. Complex lighting does not need to be done on a frame by frame basis. The server will take the conditions around you, say Where the sun is, Weather, clouds, and a snapshot of the environment, It then performs a massively complex algorithm, that gives an ambient lighting to accurately represent the ambient environmental lighting, and maybe an additional algorithm passed to the console to assist it in making local real time adjustments for shadows, and the stuff that does need to be done on a frame by frame basis, But the data only needs to be passed to the console whenever there is a change in the ambient conditions for it to work spectacularly well, Not every god dammed frame.

    The potential for the servers to assist and enhance games without needing an amazing connection is endless, and is much more plausible, than streaming an entire game (think PS3 emulation)

    I will say with confidence now that PS3 emulation will be a lag-fest. My reasoning – because you are pretty much relying on the server to respond to you in real-time, while streaming a movie of your game to you, with zero buffer. It’s not just small packets of data as with cloud assisted computing, but every frame in real-time. I can’t wait to see the results of this, because this is what I find to be Pie in the sky ideas, but you don’t see the Sony fanboys doubting or even questioning the plausibility of this. . .Why the fuck is that I wonder.

  15. phranctoast:

    “.Why the fuck is that I wonder.”

    Probably because we’ve seen real world results (even if with a YouTube video) of this actually happening on the PC.

  16. Godless:

    Sorry for the wall of text, and all the typos, Was typing way too fast.

  17. CarlB:


    Wouldn’t streaming games on PS4 inherently be cloud assisted, and couldn’t a small portion of the game be cached on the terminal system while the game is streamed from the cloud, mitigating lag?

  18. phranctoast:

    CB makes an interesting point. And while sounds possible in theory, I don’t believe the current streamimg scenarios are utilized in this way.

  19. Godless:


    The entire game is processed on “the cloud” AKA “the server”

    The problem is that unlike a movie, where you have a few seconds, or even minutes of data buffer to help smooth out playback, a game requires almost instantaneous response from user input to video results, and therefore has to have no buffer whatsoever.

    This means that you not only have the ping time,between you pressing a button, and seeing the results of that, you have the time it takes for your connection to stream the frames necessary to display results, before the PS4 can then decompress and display it.

    Video streaming works because the video data is compressed in blocks of many frames. The computer streams in the data and uncompressed it in blocks consisting of many frames at a time, often displaying the results long after the data was first received.

    With gaming how many frames would you say was acceptable to lump together before transmitting as a compressed block of data, or do they try and steam each frame separately, with or without compression??

    What is an acceptable frame rate for a streamed game?? 5, 10 maybe 15fps. is 15 even possible when streaming in real time.

    The technical difficulties associated with playing a game via streaming make streaming movies look like stone age tech.
    They are despite seaming similar on the surface two entirely different beasts.

  20. phranctoast:


    Have you ever remoted into a PC before?

  21. Godless:


    I used to do this on a daily basis. It a lagfest on most connections, even using reduced Res & bits per pixle interface. This is why I have such serious doubt about streaming games.

    Most UK users can not get a steady 5mps far less 12

    For now in the UK streaming games is a poor way to play games

  22. CarlB:


    I already understand the differences in requirements between video streaming and game streaming. I specifically brought up the point that a portion of the game (i.e. the portion the player is immediately interacting with, that requires the low latency you are speaking of) could be cached to the system in order to mitigate lag.

    The portion that is initially cached would require the PS4 to process on the fly in order to keep low latency, everything else could be processed by the cloud.

    This is similar to what can theoretically be done with xB1, but with a twist, as the initial data necessary in order to play (a small fraction of the entire game file – refreshed, pre-loaded, and pre-processed as necessary while playing) could be downloaded first instead of coming off the disc. Since they are PS3 games, this doesn’t seem beyond the capabilities of PS4 at all.

    At the very least, it can work like OnLive already works, and perhaps Sony could even implement similar settings to optimize the experience.

    Will it be perfect in all ways out the gate? Probably not. Will it at least be good enough for single player games? Probably.

  23. phranctoast:

    This will not be a great world wide solution for BC. I get 50mb/sec myself.

    But a solution it is and BC is one of those highly requested, little used functions, I can’t see a crazy load on servers.

  24. phranctoast:

    “Will it be perfect in all ways out the gate? Probably not. Will it at least be good enough for single player games? Probably. ”

    Another good point. I myself can’t see this as being a good MP solution….

  25. Godless:

    @ Carl
    “I already understand the differences in requirements between video streaming and game streaming. I specifically brought up the point that a portion of the game (i.e. the portion the player is immediately interacting with, that requires the low latency you are speaking of) could be cached to the system in order to mitigate lag.”

    This is not the way it works. For this to happen, the local computer/console would in effect need to be able to run the game, or at least bits of it.

    Game streaming is purely a link between the user and the host platform. You in theory can use any local device with the software to connect to the host platform. So you could in theory play your PS3 games on the XB1 if the interface was made to do it.

    Basically what I’m saying is; The local platform will never be able to do any of the game processing, it is pretty much for user input only, and for displaying the streamed game. Any other solution would involve huge amounts of recoding for each game to work.

  26. CarlB:


    Of course it’s not as good as a PC/console on the spot. Bandwidth and compression techniques will continue to improve, but for now (taken from your link):

    “the threshold for making this a passable gameplay experience is now far more tolerable, especially in living room conditions where the player sits some distance away from the screen.”

    To me, at this point, it sounds similar to what I’m experiencing with Netflix streaming on a ~1.5-2Mbps connection. It’s not 1080p HD all the time, but I can still enjoy the shows.

    For streaming games I’m probably SOL on my current rural connection, but if I upgrade (I think the wi-fi here may be getting a little bit better than the DSL now), it seems they may have some artifacts or lag, but for the most part it will still be playable.

    I think Sony will probably start with a few games, and cost will be relatively low (if not free on PSN or included with PS+). Either way it’s probably going to be a decent deal that will still let you play PS3 games on PS4 without having to plug in a PS3 (like Major Nelson suggested with 360 and xB1, which is ridiculous IMO).

  27. CarlB:

    “This is not the way it works.”

    I’m not saying it works this way now, I’m saying it could work this way on PS4. It seems more than capable of running “bits” of PS3 games at any given time.

    “Any other solution would involve huge amounts of recoding for each game to work.”

    But the power of the cloud is limitless! lol.
    Seriously though, I’m sure it’s not simple, but pre-loading a portion of any given PS3 game onto the PS4 while the cloud does the rest doesn’t seem out of the question. It’s not as if PS3 game code is a mystery any longer (especially not to Sony), or game streaming is completely new.

    As I said, they would probably start out with only a few games regardless, then slowly add to them over time. They don’t have to put out the entire library at once. This would give them more than enough time to figure out whatever coding is necessary and tweak it, if they thought the effort would be worth it.

    In any case, even if they do none of that and only have a service similar to OnLive’s, it will probably be “good enough” for a large portion of gamers to enjoy at little to no extra cost. I just don’t see the downside to that, regardless of imperfections.

  28. SW:

    Oh god, I just got up, its not even 6am and I’ve got to read these walls of fucking text?

    Ugh… Thanks guys.

  29. SW:

    You know what, I’ll just read it at work.

  30. Godless:


    PS3 game code is never going to work on a PS4, I would be surprised if it was even remotely similar.

    I think they would need to completely re-write the engine, in which case, they might as well just re-release the whole game as they are doing now with the PS2 HD titles.
    I think the idea of streaming is to avoid any such re-coding to keep costs to a minimum, while also keeping emulation as simple as possible.

    Despite the new systems being several times more powerful than last gen, last gen actually has higher data turn around (in smaller packets)in certain areas, and an entirely different instruction set, this would make emulation all but impossible. I really think any local game processing is out of the question.

  31. oldschool1987:

    “Most UK users can not get a steady 5mps far less 12″

    Link? The slowest I get is 60mb.

  32. Godless:

    in fact the more I think about it the more I’m convinced, there will be only steaming and no local processing.

    The console isn’t even playing a game when you are playing Via streaming. It’s streaming a bufferless interactive movie.

    It wouldn’t be possible to have any effect over the visual display or game engine computations locally without actually introducing even more lag.

  33. Godless:

    OK,maybe not Most.

    It’s fine if you live in a city, and have a fibre connection, but for the rest of us still on copper it’s a different story.

  34. Roca.:

    GPU: PS4 vs XB1

    Render Out Pipelines: 32 vs 16
    Gigapixels/s: 25.6 vs 12.8
    Shader cores: 1,152 vs 768
    Clock speed: 800Mhz vs 800Mhz
    TFLOPS: 1.84 vs 1.32

    Microsoft: “We *purposefully* did not target the highest end graphics. We targeted it more as a broad entertainment”

  35. oldschool1987:

    I don’t live in the city, I live in a small town called Bedworth… On its outskirts lol.

  36. oldschool1987:

    A good read that might get Carl and Phranc fighting again lol.

  37. SW:


    Alright well I should’ve said in 200 words or less, but oh well.

    I wrote a longer post initially, but then thought screw it.

    I don’t like, and don’t agree with (you) on anything that will be real-time and needs a quick response. E.g. Barrels in counter-strike source, with a <50ms ping, if you shoot a barrel there is still a ~0.5s delay before the thing moves, it looks silly, and no more noticeable server side phys objects in CS:GO…

    I do agree on more static types of things and 'real-time' stuff that doesn't require immediate feedback to the client. E.g. environment lighting, AI processing for areas not currently loaded etc. This would not include say knocking over a candle in the game and having a server process the physics for the object and lighting.

    Don't get me started about the potential for lost packets etc (not a big issue, but worth a mention I think esp. if you're relying on fast turnaround).

    I don't care about PS3 emulation, I own a PS3. I agree with you tho. I've fucking hated the idea of streaming like that since OnLive and I think the Phantom (but that was a while ago, bit fuzzy).


    "I get 50mb/sec myself."

    Do you want to start a standards organiziation like ISO, where we determine the correct ways to write megabits per second and megabytes per second etc? I've never quite accepted mb as being megabits

    And fuck, I have to do some work. Time to change networks.

  38. Godless:


    There are 1000ms in 1s.
    Thats one thousand milliseconds in one second.

    So a 50ms ping is only 1/20th of a second, probably not enough to spoil things especially if a lot of shit is happening, I don’t think most will notice to be honest, anything up to 250ms is probably acceptable

  39. Godless:


    60 megabits/ps is around 7.5megabyts/s not enough for enhanced gaming :)

    But still around twice that of anyone is Scotland :(

  40. Godless:


  41. Godless:


    Good link.
    There is no denying that PSN+ is a great deal.

    Even if like me you are now having to delete stuff having never even played it due to lack of space, that’s my fault for not having time, not Sonys’.

    I would say just about anyone with a playstation would be foolish not to sign up to PNS+, it could save you from ever having to buy a game if it keeps up the way it is just now.

  42. oldschool1987:

    I said 60 is the slowest I get. My fastest is between 75 and one check it clocked in at 102, this is with Virgin Media.

    I never, ever have trouble with online gaming and downloaded BF3 of PS+ in less than 30 mins. I lent my retail to my friend so I could play with him.

  43. Roca.:

    the worse part about PS+ is not having unlimited storage

    I have 2 PS3s filled with games and I have to delete stuff whenever I need to download a new game or beta. I recently deleted about 6 games to download the FF14 beta on PS3.

    PS4 will have play as you download so this won’t be an issue come next gen

  44. Roca.:


    “Wildly variable levels of bandwidth worldwide are another problem, but even the fastest consumer-level internet connections in no way compare to the internal bandwidth of a modern console”

    “The PS4 memory system allocates around 20,000MB/s for the CPU of its total 176,000MB/s. The cloud can provide one twenty-thousandth of the data to the CPU that the PS4′s system memory can. You may have an internet connection that’s much better than 8mbps of course, but even superfast fibre-optic broadband at 50mbps equates to an anaemic 6MB/s. This represents a significant bottleneck to what can be processed on the cloud, and that’s before upload speed is even considered”

  45. phranctoast:

    “A good read that might get Carl and Phranc fighting again lol.”

    I didn’t once see the word “rent”…lol

  46. oldschool1987:

    Lol! Let’s get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEE

  47. CarlB:

    I think “paid access” might be more preferable to phranc. Or perhaps “pay gate”, “pre-paid”, etc. Anything but “rent” or “rentals”, as he said the games were months ago, when stating, “PSN+ games are rentals, and rentals don’t count as purchasing the game digitally or physically.”

    In any case, you can’t access the content after you stop paying for that access, no matter what you call it. I think Kotaku has probably the best sum up of the service and the reasons for it I’ve seen, and or services like it:

    “Whatever form the limiting of content takes, there’s only one reason they’d do that and not lock you out entirely: so you could then be sold the ability to re-register, or unlock the rest of the game.

    What this is doing, in effect, is transferring the responsibility of the current system of ‘online passes’ – which just about every major publisher now engages in – from the third-party companies to the platform holder itself, making it a far more streamlined and predictable system than the haphazard approach to the idea we have now.

    This would keep publishers – and remember, Sony is itself a major publisher – happy, as if it’s not cutting down on used sales they’re at least making a consistent ‘unlock’ profit on them…

    Now, at the moment, the technology already exists on the PSN to effectively ‘rent’ games. It’s what you’re doing with PlayStation Plus titles; cease to subscribe and you can’t play those games any more.”

  48. Roca.:

    I think Phranc prefers call it a “subscription service” like most of us

  49. SW:


    Well, 50ms is a pretty good ping. I get than from a server that is a couple of hops outside of my ISP and was purchased for that reason (geographically it’s close too).

    That’s the best case scenario. If a provider such as MS wants to set up shop in Vancouver sure, however I somehow doubt that they want to drop/rent data centers in every major city.

    I was not equating the 50ms ping to the 0.5 seconds, sorry. We’re not simply talking about round trip time here, there is also processing time for both the client when it sends the data, the server, and then the client again when it receives the response. It will of course be higher than the round trip time.

    OK I have more work to do…

  50. twilight:

    Well, subscription service is what is afterall Roca.

  51. CarlB:


  52. Roca.:

    1st purposely releasing a faulty console
    2nd the XB1 policies
    3rd Kinect being mandatory

    And now this:

    How can anyone trust a company like this?

  53. CarlB:

    1st they paid billions for that mistake, reimbursed their customers, implemented an industry record setting three year warranty in turn, and have since fixed the hardware faults.

    2nd the xB1 policies would have also benefited developers and publishers, not just Microsoft, but have since been rescinded due to public backlash, even though they were basically similar to registering physical pc game discs with Steam.

    3rd bundling a peripheral with every system is the only way to ensure it gets consistent developer support.

    As for Snowden, he is a traitor willing to leak top secret information involving national security. And if you seriously think any electronic communication hasn’t been monitored, or was able to be monitored as standard practice for the purpose of national security for decades by the government working with pretty much every communication company in addition to Microsoft, you’re pretty naive.

  54. phranctoast:

    Microsoft apologists are fucking disgusting.

  55. SW:

    Man, we did it again. Fuck the cloud, fuck everything else.

    Man I want to play some GTA.

    I promised myself I was NOT going to buy it for consoles because I was going to wait for a PC release… Now I have to buy it for both so that I feel good about myself…

    Fuck you Rockstar!

  56. twilight:

    I guess we know why the Kinect is mandatory for the Xbox One system to work.

  57. CarlB:

    “The public is as envious and ugrateful as it is ignorant, stupid, and pigeon-livered – a huge sized monster of ingratitudes.”

  58. FahKinSuPah:

    I just popped up to say

    Fuck you guys! None of you have anything better to do than sit here all day and post bullshit and fight with each other.


    My coworker showed me the video for GTA5 the other day and I got the biggest boner. I can’t wait to play that shit. I canceled my pre-order for Saint’s Row 4 when I got home.

  59. Godless:

    Big brother is watching, and may just take an interest in your reading habits Carl :^)

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