Fan made 20 hour Skyrim mod impress, God of War dev working with Battlestar Galactica producer

July 21, 2013

Fan made 20 hour Skyrim mod impresses, God of War dev working with Battlestar Galactica producerFans of Skyrim will be in for a treat as a mod creator has released the most ambitious user-generated story content for the game. The mod community for Skyrim is amazing with boat loads of new content generated on a regular basis.

Alexander J. Velicky takes his Skyrim modding seriously as he recently released a 20 hour story add-on called ‘Falskaar’ that expands on the mythology of the game. The mod adds a neighboring continent to the existing one in the game, sized at a whopping one-third that of Skyrim. Falskaar contains nine storylines, 17 sidequests and new voice dialogs recorded from a cast of more than 30 volunteer actors.

Velicky revealed that he spent more than 2,000 hours putting the mod together in hopes of landing a job at Bethesda Game Studios.

He stated, “The best way to show Bethesda Game Studios that I want a job there and should be hired is to create content that meets the standards of their incredible development team." Velicky is 19 years old and is currently seeking employment.

In other news it seems that our suspicions about Sony Santa Monica are right. While one team has been slaving over the God of War series, it appears that another team may have been working on a new IP in parallel. According to Polygon, Michael Angeli, co-executive producer of Battlestar Galactica and veteran screenwriter has been working with Sony Santa Monica for quite some time now on a secret game.

During a Battlestar Galactica panel discussion at Comic-Con, Angeli revealed that whatever Sony Santa Monica has been working on has been in progress for over two years. He also revealed that the studio just transitioned 150 staff members from God of War: Ascension to the secret project.

While Todd Papy took the reins of the God of War series with Ascension, Stig Asmussen, responsible for God of War III has been off the radar for a couple years. David Jaffe previously teased that Stig was busy with some “fun stuff” at Sony Santa Monica. Several job postings over the years have been spotted looking for developers with open world and first or third person shooter experience. The the job postings also mentioned vehicular combat.


It should be noted that players decoded a secret message in God of War: Ascension that revealed a curious image of planet Earth with the message, “When the Earth stops, the journey begins…”

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  1. Roca.:

    Speaking of Sony Santa Monica

    Maybe this is why they have been developing many great games lately; Gravity Rush, Rain, Puppeteer, Knack, Freedom Wars

  2. CarlB:

  3. oldschool1987:

  4. Roca.:

    didn’t know VidZone was available for US users. Great app for music videos

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