Sony smartly holds 2.5GB of PS4 memory back for later, 5.5GB for launch games

July 27, 2013

Rumor: PS4 to provide 5.5GB of RAM for games at launch more later onThe fine folks at Digital Foundry are reporting an interesting rumor about the PlayStation 4’s RAM allocation. According to a document produced by a development source, the PS4 will provide 4.5GB of baseline guaranteed memory for games and can request an additional 1GB of flexible RAM if needed.

While its not clear how this “flexible memory” will work, it does sound like games that will make use of additional RAM may have the OS free it up dynamically offering 5.5GB of GDDR5 RAM to game development as needed.

Earlier Sony leaked documents revealed contradictory information to this rumor as it stated that only 512MB of RAM would be reserved for the OS. This may have been true at the time when the PS4 was slated to only have 4GB of GDDR5 RAM before Sony decided to bump this up to 8GB.

DF believes that Sony may be conservatively reserving memory ahead of time for ambitious plans for the PS4’s operating system or at the least, keep that option open. In essence, Sony may be preemptively walling off 2.5GB of RAM for the OS as most first gen launch titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall won’t need additional RAM as they were developed with a 5GB GDDR5 RAM total memory pool in mind before Sony bumped this up to 8GB.


This approach smartly allows Sony to take advantage of that 2.5GB pool down the road if needed for the OS, or if game development becomes resource intense in a few years, additional memory could be freed up without impacting launch titles while dynamically providing more resources to future titles.

DF’s source at Microsoft reveals that the Xbox One’s 3GB RAM reserved for the OS is “set in stone,” and most likely would not change in the future. This is in part due to Xbox One’s three distinct operating systems built into the console to support TV overlaying, Windows 8 kernel and an orchestration layer for “snapping.”

As DF points out, Sony has a history of continuously working to reduce the OS footprint as seen on the PS3. Later on in the PS3’s life, Sony reduced its OS footprint by more than 50 percent from 150MB to 50MB when it freed up 70MB of memory.

A source close to Sony revealed that the decision to wall off 2.5GB of RAM on the PS4 initially was made “leaving the door open” to free up more memory as needed down the road.


The PlayStation 4 boasts a GPU that is 40 to 50 percent more powerful than what’s found in the Xbox One and also utilizes high-end GDDR5 RAM found in graphics cards, while the Xbox uses DDR3 general workstation memory. The PS4 is slated to launch later this year priced at $399, with the Xbox One priced at $499.

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52 Responses to “Sony smartly holds 2.5GB of PS4 memory back for later, 5.5GB for launch games”

  1. Roca.:

    Nice breakdown Mike.

  2. greenLanternfan:

    “A source close to Sony revealed that the decision to wall off 2.5GB of RAM on the PS4 initially was made “leaving the door open” to free up more memory as needed down the road.”

    Although, I understand this (kind of), but if this is the case, why is it so much of an uproar? And ppl are indicating that the OS will have that much ram. Hopefully it’s not true.

  3. greenLanternfan:

    I remembered an interesting quote from Dr. Chris Jenner’s response regarding the PS4′s capabilities…

    “The PS4′s GPU is very programmable. There’s a lot of power in there that we’re just not using yet. So what we want to do are some PS4-specific things for our rendering but within reason – it’s a cross-platform game so we can’t do too much that’s PS4-specific.”

    It looks like the Xbox One is holding back this generation. But also, it’s a possibility that Sony will allow more RAM throughout the years for developers, like what they’ve done with PS3.

    I remembered when the PS3 started with a lot of RAM reserved for the OS. And later, Sony freed up more memory for the developers.

    So it shouldn’t be impossible for Sony to replicate the same idea like they’ve done this generation.

  4. CarlB:

    Wait a sec, I thought PS4 was supposed to be “more powerful” than pc’s for “years to come”… w/only 4.5GB RAM? No wonder they needed GDDR5 lol.

    “For industry watchers who follow spec sheets, one of the Xbox One’s disadvantages against the PlayStation 4 was that Microsoft was reserving a chunk of its console’s RAM for always-on applications, leaving game developers only able to access about 5GB of the system’s 8 GB total. But according to a report from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, Sony is imposing similarly strict limitations on the PS4, guaranteeing developers only 4.5GB of the system’s own 8GB of RAM.”

  5. Roca.:

    PS4 pre-orders return to Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy

  6. CarlB:

    supply chain checks suggest Microsoft may have the benefit of a 2-3x unit advantage at launch compared to Sony’s PS4

  7. Roca.:

    idk, seems like Sony has the advantage so far.

    They have more pre-orders in most retail stores (Amazon, Best Buy and Gamestop). Gamestop stopped taking pre-orders on XB1s long time ago while Sony told Gamestop to keep selling as much PS4 as possible. Then retailer stopped taking PS4 pre-orders for about a week or so, now all Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy are taking pre-orders again.


  8. CarlB:

    At this point, I’m not so sure. If PS4 is having supply issues, but is still taking preorders, xB1 may have already sold out of the same or larger amount of units while PS4 isn’t selling as much, which case would sway the “bestseller” rankings on sites such as Amazon in PS4′s favor, as they are the only ones still currently selling on a day to day basis.

    Amazon, for instance, did have xB1 preorders in the number one spot just before E3, then fell, and then back to number one for a few days after the announcement of the policy reversal, but then it’s rank fell shortly after the launch day guaranteed edition sold out.

    I haven’t come across any xB1 bundles (unless you count the Kinect already bundled with it), and it seems all of their “day one” editions (the ones guaranteed on launch day) have already sold out at some major retailers, including Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy (but not Walmart or Target, yet).

    On the other hand, I’ve found up to nine different PS4 bundles still available to be shipped at launch at most of the major online retailers, most of which are still $40 cheaper than xB1.

    It’s also been reported that xB1 preorders are beating the 360′s, so even though they may fall behind PS4, they could still do pretty well.

    The opening statement of your link, however, seems to not be entirely true:

    “If you live in the US and haven’t yet ordered yourself a PlayStation 4, you may well be out of luck. They’re rare, and your best bet at the minute would be buying someone else’s pre-order on Ebay at four times the original cost.”

    I just checked Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, and Target, and all of the PS4 launch bundles there are still available for pre-order and guaranteed on launch day. They may have been talking about the core edition only, idk, but paying 4 times the MSRP is definitely not anyone’s “best bet” here atm.

  9. CarlB:

    Back on topic:


    Sony: “We have no comment to make on the amount of memory reserved by the system or what it is used for.”

    “Digital Foundry’s sources also clarify that the ‘flexible memory’ is 512MB rather than 1GB, so developers are “guaranteed 4.5GB for development and a further 512MB from the flexible pool.”

  10. Mike Ferro:

    PS4 pre-order bundles returned back yesterday across Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart and Target.

    Yes Roca you are correct, Sony sent a memo to Gamestop to sell “unlimited” PS4s, while spot checking showed many locations only reserving 10 Xbox One units at that time.

    I have to question Baird’s analysis here on supply chain forecasted quantity. Clearly Microsoft is not opening the flood gates on pre-orders like Sony did, and devs have reported not to have received Xbox One dev kits yet while Adam Boyd just tweeted how they are sending out PS4 dev kits like “candy” just yesterday(coincidental timing?)

    Reports from Comic Con indicate that only a few Xbox One units were on hand while the rest were “equivalents” same as it was at E3, while its the opposite for the PS4s.

    All of these things may add some credence to rumors of delays at Microsoft and they are a bit “behind” with the Xbox One.

    On topic, smart move by Sony on walling off a chunk of system memory at launch. No one is going to make full use of it and makes it easier to retroactively free up additional going forward. Compared to how much harder it is to reclaim memory already put out there at launch.

    It allows Sony to keep one eye on Microsoft and react quickly if necessary on the social media front with equal amounts of resources available.
    Considering the PS4 has superior hardware on GPU and RAM front, no need to make it all available at launch. Memory can be returned back to the devs like PS3 five to six years down the line as a shot in the arm if needed.

  11. CarlB:

    “…only 4.5GB of the PS4′s 8GB GDDR5 memory pool is guaranteed to game developers right now… In real terms, an additional 512MB of physical RAM may be available in addition to the 4.5GB mentioned in the SDK. Flexible memory consists of physical and virtual spaces, and the latter introduces paging issues which impact performance… We’re told that incorporating this isn’t trivial…”

  12. Mike Ferro:

    If you’re looking at the article, why would you not take the latest from Update #2 instead of using the older quote?

    We understand that this is a 1GB virtual address space, split into two areas – 512MB of on-chip RAM is used (the physical area) and another 512MB is “paged”, perhaps like a Windows swap file. But to be clear, of the 8GB of GDDR5 on PS4, our contention is that 5GB of it is available to developers.

  13. CarlB:

    It’s essentially the same end result from what I already quoted: it still winds up being 4.5 and .5 “available”, for a total of 5GB.

  14. Mike Ferro:

    Not so fast.. Your quote makes it seem like 4.5gb is only guaranteed and 512mb may be available depending SDK allowance by Sony.
    DF received clarification that all 5gb which includes the 512mb is guaranteed for devs.

    Again it’s all speculation and rumor as what the reserved allownce Sony is not revealing.

  15. Mike Ferro:

    Looks like I was on the mark here. Brian Provinciano shot down DF’s rumor:
    “It’s absolutely false,” he said in response to the rumors. “Absolutely ridiculous.”

    “There are games in development that are using 6 GB of RAM.”

  16. oldschool1987:

    Why bother arguing with him, Mike? We all know what he’s doing.

  17. CarlB:

    So now that PS4′s RAM has turned out to be much more near parity to xB1′s for actual games, I noticed you mentioned, “The PlayStation 4 boasts a GPU that is 40 to 50 percent more powerful than what’s found in the Xbox One”…
    which actually seems to be more like a 24% theoretical advantage average in actual games. Nice to know, but how noticeable will that actually be in games?:

    “developers have suggested to us that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the extent of the PlayStation 4′s superiority, and that the 50 per cent boost in GPU power emphatically won’t result in a likewise boost to in-game performance…

    Our PS4 target obviously has an advantage though – 24 per cent on average…

    …provided Microsoft brings home the promised performance improvements to its graphics libraries, and that the ESRAM is easy to utilise, there’s every reason to believe that the stark on-paper compute deficit may not be as pronounced in actual gameplay as the spec suggests…

    Away from the core comparisons, what we found quite heartening from this experience is that the target graphics hardware we created proved to be reasonably adept at handling some of the most difficult PC gaming benchmarks available, not to mention providing a highly playable Crysis 3 experience at the high preset with the best quality textures available.”

    I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I would be able to notice, or really care that much about ~5.75fps theoretical difference average in actual finished 1080p games.

  18. CarlB:

    “it’s all speculation and rumor as what the reserved allownce Sony is not revealing.”

    Agreed. Sony’s “no comment” response isn’t reassuring. If it was a massive advantage over xB1, you would think they would be advertising it by now.

  19. Mike Ferro:

    @oldschool, lol just needed some entertainment sunday afternoon. I think I’ve gotten it. ;)

  20. CarlB:

    What a wonderful way to spin it though. Instead of the majority of people seeing PS4 “lose” 1.5GB RAM for games (i.e. from the originally announced 512MB RAM reserved for OS to 2GB RAM reserved for OS), first put out a rumor from a “known insider” that it’s 3.5GB RAM reserved for the OS, then you can come back later to make everyone feel better that it’s only 2GB RAM reserved for the OS, which is still twice as much as doubling from the original announcement. :P

  21. CarlB:

    “Brian Provinciano shot down DF’s rumor”

    Next up, “Retro City Rampage II uses 6GB RAM” ;)

  22. oldschool1987:

    Get the Xbox then Carl.

  23. twilight:

    “We all know what he is doing.” Yes, we do. Afterall, according to CarlB’s statement none of the statements can be considered as anything factual or “facts” as debated because they have not become as according to him “reality” because the next generation systems have not come out yet. However, everytime I click on an article here he is debating about something said about the next generation systems even though none of the statements are “reality” according to him. Oh, the hypocrisy…

  24. CarlB:

    I’ve made it clear since E3 I had preordered PS4, but I still don’t see how that would preclude me from quoting articles on PS4 specs being reduced from original announcements, as if that were somehow a “good” thing. Sorry, I’m not buying the spin game here.


    I just linked some quotes before Mike even reported on it. Then the update before Mike even mentioned it. Not sure exactly what you think I am “debating” here, as nothing has even been confirmed to “debate” about.

    Apparently you also missed the part where I agreed with Mike, “it’s all speculation and rumor”. The only “fact” at this point (or “reality”, if you prefer), is Sony’s “no comment” response. Funny how you completely ignored that bit. Yet hardly surprising. “Oh, the hypocrisy…” (“!”) lol

  25. Roca.:

    PS4 is still more powerfull

    -More RAM
    -Ram can handle more data at a faster speed
    -Faster RAM
    -Easier to develop for

    What makes the PS4 RAM much superior than the XB1 RAM is the bandwidth speed. How didn’t matter, we all knew they both have 8GB, but what mattered was the type of RAM: GDDR5 > DDR3

    Let’s look at the PS4 more powerful GPU

    Render Out Pipelines:
    PS4 =32

    PS4 = 25.6
    XB1= 12.8

    Shader cores:
    PS4 = 1,152
    XB1 = 768

    Clock speed:
    PS4 = 800Mhz
    XB1 = 800Mhz

    PS4 = 1.84
    XB1 = 1.32

  26. Godless:


    When will you learn that there is a difference between speed & bandwidth.

    The XB1 has faster memory. DDR3 is faster than GDDR5, it has lower latency and therefore a faster data turn around. Add to that the Edram in the XB1, leaves both GDDR5 & DDR3 in the dust when it comes to super fast data turn around.

    The XB1 has faster memory while The PS4 has a higher bandwidth.

    This means that for some applications the XB1 will have an advantage. YES roca it WILL have an advantage for many computational functions, while for other applications the PS4 will have an advantage.

    Depending on how the game engines operates, the GDDR5 may have nowhere near the advantages despite having theoretical higher bandwidths.

    believe me roca, I have a degree in this shit, and while I’m no expert on the finer details of memory technologies I do know that GDDR5 is not the best memory for all applications, and that DDR3 will out perform it in many areas.

    As for the Memory set aside.
    LMFAO, there’s one in the eye for the Sony fags. . .Too funny that you were all ranting on about how bad MS was for setting aside so much for the OS, then Sony come out and admit they have had to do the same.

    All I can say is thank god Sony added the extra 4Gigs, otherwise can you imagine how bad of a cluster fuck the user interface would have been. It would have made the PS3 look good.

    Now this has been leaked, at least it points in the right direction to Sony getting the OS right, Just remains to be seen how well they can do the true multitasking, of gaming, and subsystem operations such are recording, because this is where MS has a huge advantage.

    So lets recap

    DRM: both now the same PS4 no advantage

    Indi developer support: XB1 now full embracing the indi community, with the added potential to turn Any BX1 in to a Dev kit. Advantage to XB1

    Memory: XB1 5Gigs guaranteed for games, PS4 4.5Gigs. Advantage to XB1. . .Too sweet. Loving the Sony boys trying to spin the figures on this.

    Games line up: Pretty even for now, even if I personally prefer the BX1 line up.

    Multimedia interface: No question that Kinect will give the XB1 a massive advantage in this. PS4 trashed even before it’s out the gate on this one.

    Online service: My money is on MS trashing Sony here, due to Azure. Both system require you to Pay to play online. PS4 may have slight advantage if they are to include PS4 games rental with PSN+ as they do with PS3 (remains to be seen)Sony has a lot to do, to bring it’s system up to the standard of MS.

    4.5 Gigs free. . .LMFAO. . .Go on roca! tell me how that’s an advantage again :D

  27. oldschool1987:

    Lol Godless, ever the loyal fanboy in total denial.

    Just get the Xbox Godless, you have nothing good to say about the PS4.

  28. twilight:

    Actually, the jokes on you CarlB. There’s nothing for you to be debating or excuse me “discussing” about the next generation systems with anyone because they are not out yet and it is not reality as stated by you when you were presented with an official “fact” statement from Microsoft yet here you are jumping on Sony for having no comment about a system that hasn’t materialized yet. As far as me having no comment on Sony, why should it matter to you since it is not reality according to you.

  29. greenLanternfan:

    Need I remind y’all that an Xbone dev said “The facts are on paper, the PS4 has better specs and the most you can debate is by how much.”

    There’s no way around that. I don’t see why people is

    Interesting how people believe this new xbox has some secret mumbo jumbo. And it’s even funnier that xbots believe teh cloud does graphical processing and makes up for it’s inferior hardware.

    The PS4 is more powerful than the Xbone. End of story.

    Since when was DF so accurate!? These are the same people that claimed the PS4 can only record 7 minutes of gameplay, which was false. It’s 15 minutes. Not to mention DF said the Xbone dev kit was going to have 12GB of ram.

    Sony corrected them and is not willingly to share information on how much the memory is reserved for the OS. And Brian Provinciano, who is a developer claimed that article is absolutely false. Why are you guys treating as if the article was 100% accurate, which it wasn’t?

  30. twilight:

    Well, I don’t blame Sony for not sharing any information since all Microsoft has been doing lately is copying stuff from Sony.

  31. greenLanternfan:

    Yep lol

  32. Roca.:

    Seriously, when I said faster ram, I was clearly talking about bandwidth speed.That’s why people call it “ultra-fast” GDDR5 :)

    “Go on roca! tell me how that’s an advantage again”

    Simple: GDDR5 > DDR3
    512MB of GDDR5 shits on 1GB DDR3

    DRM: Sony wins, MS is just a follower (plus Kinect always spying on you lol)

    Indi developer support: PS4 free dev kits + easier to develop for (2 months to have their game running on PS4)

    Memory: Again, GDDR5 > DDR3 (see link above & all the devs comments praising PS4′s system memory over the shitty and cheap DDR3 the XB1 uses)

    Games line up: pretty even? lmao Here are two links for you:


    Multimedia interface: we pretty much don’t know much about the interfaces of either console. You’re just assuming.

    Online service: PS4 wins again, free apps access, PS+, PS3 game streaming, 15 mins of vid recording, MMOS, dedicated servers etc.

    Things you didn’t mention:

    GPU: PS4 trashes the XB1

    Exclusives: Sony produces more quality exclusives than MS and Nintendo combined. That’s a fact.

    Memory architechture: PS4 trashes the XB1 with its unified memory pool. The #1 dev request; devs love it!

    Controller: Dualshock 4 is more innovative with touch panel, built-in speakers, built-in battery, share button, etc

    Console: PS4′s design trashes the XB1. The XB1 comes with a power brick, comes with a huge ass fan (louder than PS4?), Controller requires batteries (lmao), huge VCR-looking box. System like the system is rushed again as the machine and some games will required a mandatory patch in order for them to work. Also MS seems behind in allocation world wide.

    Pre-orders: do I even need to list how well the PS4 is doing all over the place? the XB1 is doing so poorly that MS has been forced to do weekly 180s lmao

  33. Roca.:

    Another reason why PS4 wins in online services:

  34. CarlB:


    I never said it was a “fact”. Even though the article title here would make it seem as much, the URL makes it clear with the first word after the date: “rumor”. Just because the consoles haven’t released yet doesn’t mean we can’t still “discuss” them. Not sure what you are on about.

  35. twilight:

    I am going on about what you said you on the other article. You want to discuss next generation systems and things and manipulate stuff when it suits your so called point of view but when factual statements that are brought up that doesn’t fit your arguments it is not “reality” and shouldn’t be considered.”

  36. oldschool1987:

  37. CarlB:


    Again. You are making the same mistake as you did in the other article. None of what has been said to date about this has been confirmed as a “factual statement” yet, as even Mike himself admitted earlier in this thread, and I agreed, “it’s all speculation and rumor” at this point. That doesn’t mean we can’t still discuss it or speculate, it just means that we shouldn’t claim these statements to be “factual” until they actually surface in reality.

  38. Roca.:

    don’t bother with him Twilight…

  39. twilight:

    I am going to take your advice and ignore the strawman picking hypocrite that is CarlB.

  40. CarlB:

  41. Godless:

    LMAO at the online backlash against Sony on the Memory thing.

    People now starting to see how backhanded Sony really are, except of course our resident fanslugs who are completely and utterly blind to anything negative regarding Sony.

    MS have tried to be up-front this gen, and were bold enough to put forward some proposals that they knew would be contentious to many, but they hoped people would look closely enough to see the overall benefits.

    What happened was a farce of fanboy rage against something most didn’t even understand, or in the case of the Sony fanboys, deliberately misinterpreted.

    MS did the right thing in the face of such a reaction and changed their policy.
    Sadly a shot in the foot for most with families, but the mob were not for listening, and the witch had to burn.

    Sony at E3 tries to distract everyone from the fact that they are going to charge for online play by almost slipping it in as a footnote in a statement more aimed to ridiculing Microsofts’ now hated DRM proposals.

    So basically Sony rode the fanboy bandwagon of rage, to slip their own unpalatable news under the noses of everyone with almost no one noticing till after the event. PATHETIC.

    Why not do it the MS way and announce openly that you will now have to pay to play online, and tell us all why it had to be done?

    Also, Post E3 Sony makes the snap decision to bin the Eye cam peripheral, in order to undercut MS. By doing so they have doomed it to failure, having previously told us about all the benefits it would offer.

    MS meanwhile accepts that it’s console costs more, but stands by the fact that it offers good value because they have the balls to support there device fully and haven’t compromised anything to save a few bucks and score brownie points with fanboys

    And now there’s the memory thing. MS from the start tells us the subsystems need to set aside 3 Gigs to ensure a seamless smooth interface. Sony sits back while MS gets ridiculed by the Sony fanboys, while all the time they have an even smaller cock to piss with. LMAO. . At least they’re getting bit on the ass for this one.

    So far MS has been more open and honest about their intentions this gen than Sony, Sony is doing what political parties do when they are trying to get back into power. They make all sorts of promises and have agendas that on the surface look great, but on closer inspection are full of holes, while underplaying the shit people really should know about.

    I think there time in the sun is over, with any luck people will start to inspect what Sony are doing with the same critical eye being focused on MS.

  42. Godless:

    Post E3 should of course be prior to E3

  43. twilight:

    The Ps4 is still more powerful then the Xbox One system.

  44. Roca.:

    “Post E3 Sony makes the snap decision to bin the Eye cam peripheral”

    Post E3?
    You’re such a fanboy that you have to make shit up just to say something negative about Sony.

    Sony made that decisions months before E3.

  45. Godless:


    Sony spent millions on development of the camera, Even added a light to the controller to work with it.

    They thought they had a decent system, that would match the new kinect hardware. Only to be kicked so hard in the nuts when the full specifications of Kinect 2 were revealed, that it once again made the eye cam, look pathetic, and indeed it is pathetic up against Kinect 2, Which by the way, costs almost as much to manufacture as the console itself.

    Sony realised that Devs would not be able to use the camera in games the same way they can with kinect.

    Because the eye cam doesn’t have proper motion tracking in the same way kinect does. Each dev would have to program the game to interpret the visual data rather than just look to the stream of motion data provided by kinect hardware.

    Sony were on to a looser from the start, but only full gave up on it pretty close to E3, don’t believe everything the PR guys tell you. Even if he is a pretty nice guy to have as a front man.

  46. twilight:

    The thing is that I think you are loosing focus on Godless is that both items are actually peripherals and it should be about options. Unlike Microsoft, Sony did the right thing by making a peripheral actually optional that should be optional by not making it mandatory giving people the option to purchase it seperately if they want the item. There are many people who don’t like the Kinect. Why should they be forced to buy a gaming system with some peripheral that should be optional that they don’t want and will never use driving the purchase price of the system up? There’s no reason for the Kinect not to be optional. Microsoft just wants to force the Kinect on people rather they want it or not because they put a lot of money into developing the Kinect. Microsoft even makes it mandatory that the Kinect has to be plugged up to even use the system.

  47. Roca.:

    “Sony realised that Devs would not be able to use the camera in games the same way they can with kinect”


    “They thought they had a decent system, that would match the new kinect hardware”


    “Sony were on to a looser from the start, but only full gave up on it pretty close to E3″

    first you said it was “post E3″. Now you “pretty close to E3″ LOL LOL you xbots are funny.

    I don’t think Sony wanted to the PS Camera to be like Kinect. It always was meant to work with the Move controller and Dualshock 4. Tell, who gives a shit about Kinect? as far as we know, Kinect is one of the “negative” thing of the XB1. It should’ve been optional and since the PS4 won’t shove a camera down everyone’s throats not many devs will waste resources and development time on insignificant Kinect features

    I wonder what you say if the Sony implements voice command/recog in the future that works with the headset that comes with the box or with any headset?

    Funny how you avoid my other post. I guess you can’t argue facts LOL

  48. oldschool1987:

    Where the hell is this fanslug getting his information from? I’ve never heard lies and insane delusions like this in my life.

  49. Roca.:

    funny how he’s avoiding providing proof for all his bullshit

  50. Godless:

    Sorry, I retyped that entire post having lost the first attempt, and it came out too rushed.

    It was originally posted as my thoughts on why Sony dropped the camera.

    I’ll try again adding the missing details I had in first time round.(I couldn’t be arsed typing it all out again before).

    Regarding the Camera peripherals for both devices.

    Sony have spent millions trying to develop their camera in the hope to add a new dimension to gaming. Their end result was a simple development of the current Move technology, now built into the controller, and a Dual camera system in order to try and decipher depth of field in an image.

    The problem is the camera is Just that. A simple camera. All it does is send a raw stream of video & audio to the console

    What they have is of little to no use to the developers, because what they leave out is how to interpret the data.

    MS on the other hand have spent hundreds of millions developing kinect over the last few years. What they have is vastly superior technology, with hardware that doesn’t just send raw Video & audio streams, but actually sends a stream of Motion tracking algorithms, which the vendor can directly use for implementation in their games, without the need for them to do all the hard work in decoding it.

    The result of this is that the devs will simply not be able use the PS4 cam without a huge amount of effort on their behalf, because the data from it is pretty much useless to them.

    The kinect is more like the dev having another input device to watch, while on the PS4, they’d have to program video analytical software from the ground up to get anything meaningful from it.

    Until Sony builds a full fledged software interface for the cam, and a library of motion tracking algorithms for the vendors it will not get used for anything more than a poor light gun equivalent.

    This along with the cost saving (which was done just before E3. Remember Sony sent out a memo to vendors to remove the cam from the adds) is why they dropped it.

    Sonys’ eye cam is years behind kinect, it’s of no use to the devs in it’s current form for easy implementation in games. both for video and Voice functions.

    Bottom line Kinect will get used a lot on the XB1, both in games, and as the primary method of interfacing with the device, the eye cam would not. Simple as that.

    Sony binned it because they were unable to do what needed to be done to make it a success, and don’t expect it to make any kind of comeback later in the gen either.

  51. Roca.:

    You want the PS camera…then buy one along with your PS4.
    Simple as that!

    Stop whining like gamers really give a shit about a camera that won’t do anything for 90% of the games we play

  52. CarlB:

    ^this coming from the guy that totally bought into the Move hype.

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