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PSP blamed for catching schoolboy on fire

February 6, 2008

PSPFire A Michigan schoolboy was burned Wednesday morning when his PSP handheld that he was carrying in his pants pocket burst into flames.

Microsoft releasing new Xbox 360 SKU in Japan in last gasp to gain respectability

February 5, 2008

Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing it’s cheaper Xbox 360 Arcade console to Japan, in what appears to be one last ditch effort to capture a sizable share of the Japanese market.

PSP inches closer to DS; Xbox 360 still Wii, PS3 and PS2 whipping boy

February 3, 2008

It appears that Sony’s PSP may be slowly gaining ground on Nintendo’s DS handheld, which has had the Japanese handheld market in a firm stranglehold since it’s initial release oh, so many moons ago.

ELSPA: 90% of American Nintendo DS owners are pirates

January 31, 2008

According to the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publisher Association’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (or ELSPA IPCU, for those of you in the know) manager John Hillier, 90% of American Nintendo DS owners are playing pirated games.

Microsoft invites Wii owners to "graduate" to Xbox 360

January 29, 2008

Xbox360 Microsoft’s Vice President of Global Xbox Marketing, Jeff Bell, firmly believes that Microsoft is setting itself to be the console of choice for those Nintendo Wii owners who are ready to graduate to a full gaming experience.

Fox News contributor who bashed Xbox 360 hit now admits her wrongs

January 27, 2008

MEW If you haven’t noticed, BLORGE has been out of commission for the past couple of days. Apparently Jonathan knocked his ginger ale on our master control board, and knocked out power to the entire Blorge network. And Luxembourg. Regardless, one of the big stories of the past week was Fox News appalling hatchet job on BioWare’s Mass Effect. Well, on Saturday author Cooper Lawrence recanted on her earlier statements about the game, saying that primetime television has more sexual innuendo than Mass Effect.

Best Buy axes 80GB PS3

January 24, 2008

PS3 Conspiracy theorists would say that Best Buy is clearing up space for a new SKU, but no matter what the reasons ultimately are, Best Buy will stop carrying the 80GB PS3 starting next week.

Wii Sells 5 Million in Japan, outselling the SNES and GameCube

January 22, 2008

Wii$ According to sales figures out of Japan, the Nintendo Wii is the fastest console to reach 5 million units since the Super Nintendo in the early 1990s.

Wii Could Top 100 Million by 2012

January 20, 2008

Wii$ If you thought the Nintendo Wii’s success was somehow a fluke and would only be short lived, think again. According to one analyst, we’ve only just seen the beginning of Nintendo’s reign at the top.

Xbox 360 Failure Rate Still Hovering Around 10%

January 19, 2008

RRoD The newer, cooler running processors installed in the new Xbox 360s promised to bring about an end to the dreaded Red Ring of Death. If that is true, then why is one insider saying that the Xbox 360s failure rate is still hovering around 10%?

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